Orange Book is found in Mal'ouquah Library, Black Book is found in Ashta'daramai Library.

The Kha'labal Chronicles I - The Creation of the Kha'labal

Every child knows the sad fate of the Kha'labal. Once it was brimming with life, a verdant paradise filled with lush forests and countless freshwater springs. The gods created this paradise and gave it to their newly-made race, the humans, as a present. Protected on all sides by the sea or by insurpassable mountains, the Kha'labal was the perfect environment for the young, vulnerable race to flourish. And flourish and thrive it did. Guided by their leader Banor and endowed with amazing technical skills and knowledge by their creators, the humans managed to settle the whole Kha'labal within few generations, and beautiful buildings rose to the sky, the mightiest of which were to be found in the majestic city of Ankrahmun. These early humans, who today are called the Founders, were a friendly race who lived in peace and harmony with each other, ignorant of the horrors lurking in the outside world. And the gods, who watched them from their thrones in the Kha'zeel, smiled on them.

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