The Kha'labal Chronicles IV (Book)

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Orange Book is found in Mal'ouquah Library, Black Book is found in Ashta'daramai Library.

The Kha'labal Chronicles IV - The Exodus

Through the force of his convictions Daraman managed to lead Gabel, the djinn's famous king, onto the path of truth and redemption. It has been insinuated that he acted purposefully to sow the seeds of disunity among the djinn race, but considering his personal integrity this seems unlikely. Whatever his motives, though, Daraman's teachings caused a bitter controversy among the djinns, and eventually a fierce civil war broke out. This did a lot to ease the situation for the humans, but Banor was clear-sighted enough to know that his race would sooner or later get involved into the conflict. It was not hard to work out for him which side to support. Under the influence of Daraman's teachings Gabel, his former enemy, openly propagated peaceful coexistence between humans and djinns. Banor accepted this offer in the name of all humans and formed an alliance with the Marid. It was only logical then that the Alliance fought side by side in the battle of Ankrahmun against the Efreet who had secretly allied with the Drefian necromancers. The victory of the Alliance was overwhelming, but it came with a heavy price. A cataclysmic firestorm unleashed by the Efreet set the whole Kha'labal ablaze, forever turning what used to be a paradise into a barren wasteland. Countless human lives were lost in the magic inferno, and the survivors found that their homes had been destroyed. Faced with a choice of slowly starving to death or leaving their native land forever, a large group of survivors followed Banor on his quest for a new home. Their exodus triggered a chain of events that eventually resulted in the cataclysmic wars of the unliving, but it was also the fateful moment when the humans' slow, but steady conquest of the whole of Tibia started. But that is a different story.

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