Orange Book is found in Mal'ouquah Library, Black Book is found in Ashta'daramai Library.

The Kha'labal Chronicles II - Shadows from the North

Sadly, the bliss that marked the humans' early hours was not bound to last. The shadows which in those days held the rest of the world in their cold grip became aware of the humans and of their riches, and soon enough they began to plot the young race's destruction. Ferocious orcs built fleets and started raiding the south-western coastline, while the north was threatened by eerie undead who began to spread their insidious poison among the terrified humans. Worse, the corruption slowly found its way into many of the humans's hearts, and strife and armed conflict erupted within the community. Some humans even fell for the morbid attraction of undeath. They formed an evil cult of necromancers and went to the north to found a city of their own. This city was called Drefia, and it soon became a source of the foulest corruption.

The humans, who were not used to such challenges, were full of sadness and despair, and many cursed the gods who apparently watched their plight in apathy. Little did they understand that all this was part of the gods' plan. It would take the humans a long time to understand that the very purpose of their race was to fight evil, and that their fate was not eternal bliss but endless struggle.

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