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The honeminas formula
Written by Mathemicus

The honeminas formula is one of the basic formulas that describe how the magic web was made by the gods.
It is not completed yet, because honeminas itself died by 2 intruders who found out the way into our city. But we are trying to finish his work.
And Im sure that one day we will finish it and then we will be a big part closer to our goal.

As far we solve the following formulas:

(Note: g stands for gate, g [a_,x_] for the coordinates of the gate in the 2-dimensional-area and e for the strengh of the magic energy that flows into this gate.

For all other formulas look in your collection of formulas)

g[a_,x_] := a g[3,2] + (4,3,1,5,3).(3,4,7,8,4)

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