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... The creatures are growing stronger and stronger. Finally we see some success. Still, we are far from a breakthrough. To achieve our goal, the crawlers have to become unstoppable. Though we breed them to sustain themselves with almost any matter available and gave them a reproduction rate that pales those of any known crawlers, the rate of reproduction will not be sufficient to endure the final battle. And though they are more resilient and stronger as it should be physically possible, they are still not the ultimate tool they were meant to be. It will require some hard work and effort to improve them further. If I could only concentrate better. But they are haunting me. It is not only him but also others. Or is it him taking other forms? Some faces of my past, some faces I don't even know. I see them in the corners of my eye, only to vanish when I look at them. ... They are after me. The ghosts and the others. I sent the scholars into the fish caves again and again but they do not die. They even brought me a living fishman as I requested. Now I have this creature here in my laboratory and it seems, it is eyeing me, too. Does it know it is only the pawn of a power it can't nor shouldn't comprehend? But strangely enough, his presence seems to keep the ghosts away. Or does it only distract me from the ghosts? Could it be that it was only my imagination that played tricks on me? No, I am too tired for these “ifs” and “whens”. I have to stay focused on my tasks. The breeding goes fine, yet, the creatures lack the desired abilities. We have set some of them free on the isle to see how they can cope with the environment. ... Our creatures do quite well in the wilderness. Some of the researchers suggested to breed some additional traits into the creatures. At least I think they did. It is hard for me to concentrate these days. All the stress, the strain, never some peace, no solace. I am talking to the fish-thing in the cage quite often as if it could understand me. It curiously watches me while I am experimenting with the magic of the chrimaerogizer. I find it amusing how the thing sometimes mimics my gestures and even moves it's lips as if it could speak. Or should I rate this as creepy? The thing that does not understand me has become my only confidant. When I am amongst others, I usually lose track of what they are telling me and I start to see things. Faces, people, suspicious shadows. It has to be my tiredness. It must be. There are no ghosts that could have escaped my traps. I must try to sleep more. ... The situation in Yalahar seems chaotic. I can't talk to any of the higher ranking members of the circle or the Jagadah. The only ones I can reach are clueless foreign henchmen. It seems they recruited a lot of them since we have left. The others want to leave and look after their families and friends. The scholars are heavy supporters of this idea. Why can't they just die? As if there weren't enough trouble and problems already. We are so close to another breakthrough. Just recently one of the researchers bred an astonishing new ability into the crawlers. Before, they were able to produce certain organic material. Now he added a trait that allows special workers to melt with the material and give it some living and perhaps sentient abilities. But if we stopped here and now, everything would be lost. The perfect tool for the plan is so close. I cannot allow IT to triumph. IT tries to beat me and to stop the project. I know it all too well, I am IT's foremost enemy in the world. It is a battle between us. Between my resolve and IT's hunger.

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