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... Breeding new queens. ... Today the last worker golem stopped to function. Things are complicated. ... Hiona is gone. No idea when I last saw her. Was it yesterday? Has it been a week ago? A month? The fish-thing is gone, too. Its prison must have been cracked as I threw things at him in a fit of rage. Now I am alone? No, I have been alone since the beginning. The fate of the world upon my shoulders. A silent war between IT and me. ... When something happens to Yalahar, then I am the only creature with an intellect worth to mention that is left on this world. ... So alone. Only the ghosts to torment me. My crawlers are with me. Mindless as machines but they are mine. A great destiny awaits them. ... Why did everyone leave me alone? ... They have to kill everything. That is the plan. Still they are so weak. Nothing should be able to stop them though. ... So little time left. ... I feel weak, sick, old. I hope Faltugios or Ramiar take care of the labs for a while. ... Hungry. Where are the others? They left me? It's so hard to remember. So hard to concentrate. ... I am the creator of a new race. Does this make me a god? ... The others are dead I think. ... I create life and fight an evil entity for the fate of the world. I am the only sentient being on this world. ... I am alone and the guardian of the world. I am a god. A god does not have to explain his actions. A god knows no guilt. I know what's best. Yes, that's good. ... So many crawlers on the loose. They attacked me. Me, their creator! I will strike them down with my godly wrath and the chorus of ghosts that accompanies me will sing a hymn of my vengeance! All will die. I will cleanse this rotten world and create a new one! ... I am dying. They wounded me. But this is fine. When they can kill a god, they are strong enough. In the end I succeeded. But will the world not end when I die? I am the creator, the centre. Time will tell.

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