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... The military expedition has finally arrived. They brought two of the newest heavy war golems and about a dozen ordinary war golems. With them commander Traks and two scholars from the exalted college of magic arrived. This Traks seems to assume he is responsible for the base from now on but I cannot allow some clueless strongman to endanger our efforts with his ignorance. We need to get a definite decision from the circle in that matter. Given the unrest in Yalahar, it might take a while to hear from them. This might be another plot of IT to stop us, to stop ME! What if IT is aware of me, because I am aware of IT? That is the way it works, right? That is the whole idea behind the great cleansing. IT is probably aware of me and plots my demise! ... I knew it! Traks and Faltugios are becoming closer and closer every day. Although the attacks of the fishmen could be stopped and now our forces are pressing to the inland of the isle to route out the creatures, the knowledge that two of IT's pawns are operating right under my nose is an insult. I am responsible for this base. I am responsible for the experiments. I am responsible for the fate of the world! ... IT is plotting. IT's minions are stalking me. The experiments finally make progress and show some promising results concerning all those disgusting creepers, but I know that IT is observing that, too, and IT is preparing to strike. Traks and Faltugios are avoiding me. My suspicions have long become a certainty. They are traitors of the world. It is my duty to stop them before they stop us. The unrest in Yalahar is growing. I am on my own. I wonder if there are contingency plans? Am I expendable? Is my project already deemed a failure due to the whisperings of IT? I cannot allow them to succeed. It is up to me to stop them. I alone can do it, stop them. I will save the world! ... It is done! I locked up Faltugios and that stupid brute in a chamber and let some of the experimental specimens free. As expected the creatures perished, but they distracted this duo of traitors long enough to flood the room with gas. The others seem shocked by 'the accident'. If they only knew! If they only knew! But only I know it, know about IT. ... What have I done? What if I was wrong? What if Faltugios and Traks were innocent. No, no, I was right. They were in liege with IT. Certainly even knowingly. But even if not, I had no choice. I have the responsibility. Only I know! This burden. It haunts me in my dreams. I hear their cries. Could I have stopped this from happening? Pointless. I have to do what I have to do. Everything else is pointless. Only the mission is important. If the mission succeeds, we'll be dead soon anyway. If not, we'll wish we were and the two should be grateful that I spared them this fate. I haven't done anything wrong. The lives of a few does not matter. They, no we, are dead already, but only I bear the burden to know this. ... Can't sleep. Another night without sleep. At least it keeps the nightmares away. The scholars report that the fishmen seem to dwell in some caves on the isles. Though I fancy the idea to drown them in acid or something like that, it would require too much effort and resources. I hope they have been scared enough to stop their attacks. The blood toll they have paid is enormous. Yet, they did not stop. This should be prove enough that they are doing IT's work. Faltugios had some obscure theories about holy places and such. I know not much about this foolish religion stuff. We had abandoned the so-called gods for a good reason after all. I doubt, though, that they would be willing to sacrifice themselves for some imagined hex or charm. No, there must have been some power that forced them to die for IT. This is prove that IT's grasp on the world is growing and we have to stop IT.

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