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... We have finally arrived. The isle is dull and barren but this fits our plan. The members of the expedition are anxious to learn more about our mission. As ordered I will present them the version of the secret research facility for biological experiments. Of course they will see through the obvious ruse. The morale is not that good anyway, with this half-hearted excuse it will only get worse. I wonder if IT will use this to our disadvantage. IT might try to influence the behaviour of the team members and pit them against each other. We can only assume what IT has learnt about the psyche of the inhabitants of our world. But I should not allow myself to get distracted from the goal. 'If' and 'when' do not help here. Our only hope is the outcome of our mission - even though it means our annihilation. ... The lack of comfort allows tensions to grow. I have to admit, I am glad when they fight each other and leave me alone for a while. When they come to me for a decision, though, and both parties want me to decide in their favour, things become complicated. I wish we could concentrate on our research instead. If only the base were ready. ... The worker golems have finally built a rudimentary base. Our priority is research and not comfort. There is still some unrest amongst the members of the expedition. They vent their anger about the obvious lie in complaints about the lack of comfort. Sometimes they slack in their work and are far too unenthusiastic in their researches. They are like spoilt children. I know they could do better but they are sabotaging our efforts by intentional laziness. I wish I could tell them. Then again I wish I would not know. What if IT uses the dissatisfaction of a researcher to sabotage our work? What if IT's agent is working right now while I am writings this? ... Today the base was under attack. Not that this handful of sea dwellers posed a threat, but alone the fact that there was an attack at this remote isle makes me wonder if it was a coincidence or IT's work. I ordered to strengthen our defences and had some of the golems reconfigured for war purposes to boost our defence forces. That reminds me about the recent malfunctions of golems though. Although it is nothing extraordinary to have such a quota of malfunctions. I keep telling myself that such a rate is not unusual, not even in Yalahar and our golems here are working under less than optimal conditions. Yet, it might be that this subtlety is a trick of IT. Perhaps he is eroding our mission from many vantage points. All for itself might be of little interest and waved aside, but aren't that IT's fingerprints? Isn't that what we should expect from such an opponent? I will have to remain vigilant. I will register the slightest imperfections in our mission and analyse them thoroughly. I will not allow IT to triumph. ... Several members of the expedition seem suspicious to me. Faltugios is the most vocal of them of course. He was criticising me right from the start and I wonder if he is an unwilling - or perhaps even a willing - tool of IT. Yes, perhaps some of them know more than they admit. It has been always our nature to be inquisitive and sceptical. What if one of them has learnt more than he was meant to know? What if he'd become tainted by the knowledge and perhaps was seduced with lies and promises? Well, I should probably not assume too much. Such things, though not unthinkable, have never occurred before. As far as we know, IT has no allies in this world, so my speculations regarding this are probably pointless. Yet, on the other hand, the responsibility for this expedition rests on my shoulders. So shouldn't I be prepared for the worst? However, I will have to improve the discipline somehow. I will grant privileges to some of the more cooperative ones and put restrictions on those who oppose me.

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