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The History Of King Zelos I
King Ottremar was a wise and pious ruler. Through his lifetime the realm went through numerous changes and reforms that benefitted the realm as a whole. His prodigous son Paron was destined to follow him as a competent ruler to lead the realm to further prosperity. Yet the king's younger son Olbret was as ambitious as jealous. He plotted the assassination of his sibling, in league with sinister forces. With promises of the restoration of former grandeur he allied himself with elements of the secret church of Zathroth. However, by chance or divine intervention of the gods, the inquisition discovered the plot and arrested Olbret. But by then he already managed to place a potent poison for Paron to which the latter succumed within a week, despite all efforts of healers and clergery. So a distant cousin of the brothers, Zelos, was named successor of the old king. This decision did not suit well with some of the most powerful nobles in the realm. This dispute overshadowed the last years of Ottremar, now a broken man, becoming more and more fragile with each passing week. When Zelos took the mantle of kingship, the boiling anger erupted. With reluctant nobles disputing the new king's right to rule, the once prospering realm was on the brink of open rebellion. Zelos was well aware of his shortcomings in regard of ruler ship. After being named successor he had dedicated himself to the studies of the kings that had come and gone in the past. When he became king and with civil war on the horizon, he decided that books weren't efficient and fast enough to teach him the needed skills. He decided to learn from the source itself instead. He consulted spiritists, shamans and even necromancers to summon the spirits of the kings of old to act as his advisors. This again arose the suspicion of the inquisition and even increased inner tensions. More and more desperate, Zelos turned not only to the advice of some reluctant ancestors but almost any spiritual entity that was willing to listen to his plea and to teach. Some of those spirits were more persistent and did not leave, once called into the world. So Zelos was soon hearing voices and whispers all day and even in his sleep. It is hard to say which of his later decisions were entirely his and which were the result of such dark whispers or even his own growing insanity. Yet his first steps proved to be a success, at least from his point of view.

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