In order to tame a gravedigger (located in Drefia) to mount it you must first have completed The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest. After this you must then use the Nail Case a total of five times, once per finger, in a row successfully. It's believed that waiting a few moments between uses increases the chances of taming. You can fail at any finger. Also, note that the Nail Case will not break.

  1. You carefully cut the nail of the gravedigger's thumb.
  2. You successfully manicured the forefinger of the gravedigger.
  3. You successfully manicured the middlefinger of the gravedigger.
  4. You actually manicured the ring finger of the gravedigger without a problem.
  5. You did it! A completely manicured gravedigger is ready to follow you as your own personal trusty mount until the bitter end!

Failing: You failed to manicure the nails of the sensitive gravedigger. Before you can make amends, the creature runs away in agony.