In west-central Venore.


Dove runs the Depot & Post Office. Maria runs the Hard Rock Tavern while Boozer and Urkalio also work there. Lightfoot and Dustrunner are racing dogs for entertainment. Asrak is the Knight and Paladin guild leader. Other guests are A Strange Fellow, Zebron, Nurik and around Christmas time Santa Claus and a Messenger of Santa. These are the rooms:

  • -5 floor: 34sqm room below wresting room;
  • -4 floor: 14sqm wresting room, 18sqm distance combat room, 31sqm free style combat room, 26sqm storage room, large open floor;
  • -3 floor: 32sqm bar, large open floor;
  • -2 floor: 19sqm performance room, 21sqm bar, large open floor;
  • -1 floor: 40sqm performance platform, large open floor;
  • 0 floor: Depot room;
  • +1 floor: Hard Rock Racing Track;
  • +2 floor: 5sqm bar, large open floor.

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