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The great pyramid is the centre of our beloved city. It is there that our praised pharaoh resides, surrounded by his trusted servants. Far below the palace, hidden in the deepest dungeons of the ancient pyramid are the tombs of despair. The old pharaoh met his fate there, and it is said he still roams the hidden passageways, bound forever to his undead body. So great was the wisdom of Arkhothep that he granted his father eternal unlife, so that he may to atone for his sins and become worthy of ascension. Who knows? Perhaps one day he, too, will ascend, leaving both the curse and his tomb behind him and taking his place at Arkhothep's side. But I fear his folly defies all attempt to cure it. He has proved unyielding to the wisdom of his son's preachings for as long as I can remember. Long will be his road, and a million deaths he shall die before he will see the light of the wisdom that will free him from his prison.

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