Property Value
Est. Length 30 minutes
Quest Log Adventurers Guild (Quest)
Level 0
(40+ recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 10.8
July 21, 2015
Status Active


Rumour has it plenty of treasure has been hoarded by the dragons in the Kha'zeel Dragon Lairs...


Red Dragon Scale once, and one of the following every time you complete the quest: 5 Platinum Coins, a Small Ruby + a Small Emerald + a Small Sapphire, a Life Ring, a Red Gem, 10 Strong Mana Potions or 8 Strong Health Potions. Upon completing the quest 10 times, the achievement Hoard of the Dragon will be awarded.

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The quest starts automatically after walking some steps in the underground passage leading to either of the two sets of Kha'zeel Dragon Lairs/Tiquanda, so down here or here. Open the Dead Explorer in the passage to obtain a Red Dragon Scale. After opening one of these skeletons the one in the other passage cannot be opened anymore.

You must kill a sum of 50 Dragons and Dragon Lords in the Kha'zeel Dragon Lairs. Even though only the Kha'zeel Dragon Lairs/Tiquanda are new, any Dragon or Dragon Lord killed in any of those lairs will count towards the quest total. Keep in mind, though, that only the newer lairs contain Hoards of Dragon Gold. If you try to pick a treasure without being eligible yet, you will see the following message: You try to pick a treasure, but you hear further dragons approaching. You should kill some more before picking out something. When you have killed 50 in total, search for a Hoard of Dragon Gold, of which several can be found in the southern set of lairs and only one in the northern set, and use it to obtain a random reward out of the following:

When you obtain a reward, you will see the following message: It is impossible to take along all of the treasures here. But you pick out some platinum coins/some gems/a precious ring/a red gem/some mana potions/some health potions. Your quest counter will be reset to 0 kills and you can repeat the task immediately. Upon completing the quest 10 times you will receive the achievement Hoard of the Dragon.

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