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While travelling to the lands of Thais the princess Tahmehe, who accompanied her father Uthemath on a diplomatic mission, fell in love with a young nobleman of the empire. Although it was a forbidden love it bore fruit, and seven months after Thamehe's return to the lands of her forefathers a child was born. Pharaoh Uthemath ordered that she and her newborn baby were to die in the arena. Four behemoths were let loose on her. But just before the raging monsters could put their claws on her a flying carpet swept down from the sky and rescued both the mother and her child. The Thaian nobleman - for who else would it be but him - somehow managed to evade the hails of arrows that greeted him, and so the couple managed to make their escape northwards. The pharaoh demanded that both the nobleman and his own unfaithful daughter be handed over to him, but the Thaian king claimed he had no knowledge of their whereabouts. So the trace of the traitorous daughter was lost.

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