If you are not afraid to participate in dark ceremonies you should search for Omrabas and offer your help. He has something very handy as reward for your assistance.




2 Small Emeralds, 2 Small Rubies, 3 Black Pearls, 1500 exp, Nail Case (used for Hellgrip mount)

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Required Equipment

Note: it is wise to start Lugri's task of killing 4,000 Necromancers, Priestesses, Blood Hands, Blood Priests or Shadow Pupils before doing this quest. You will meet a lot of those creatures and it is smart to let those kills count for the task.


Vol.1, Ch.1: Spare Parts / Sharpen Elbows

Go to Drefia and visit Omrabas (down the Loose Stone Pile (Omrabas) here) and ask him for a mission.

He needs 2 Ghoul Snacks. These can be looted by killing Ghouls. A good place to find Ghouls is in Mount Sternum Undead Cave if you want to prepare beforehand, but there are a lot of them within Drefia too.

Once you have them, return to Omrabas and turn them in.

Vol.1, Ch.2: Idle Hands / Coming In Handy

Now Omrabas wants you to bring him 2 Demonic Skeletal Hands. These can be looted by killing Demon Skeletons.

Once you have them, return to Omrabas and turn them in.

Vol.1, Ch.3: Take Heart / Heartfelt

Now Omrabas wants you to bring him his heart. Go to the ruins at the northern tip of Drefia (here). Levitate up and go down the stairs. Go down 2 more floors to find a teleporter.

Enter the teleporter and break all Dusty Amphoras (by using them); they will turn into The Remains of a Dusty Amphora. Repeat this until you get Omrabas' Heart. Note that only one person can enter the room, for 5 minutes it will be yours. If you are refused access, someone may already be inside (you may face a Lich).

Gravedigger Vol1 Cap3 Map.png

Gravedigger Vol1 Cap3 Image.png

Once you have Omrabas' Heart, go back to Omrabas to turn it in.

Vol.1, Ch.4: A No-Brainer / Brained Up / Brained Up And Ready

Now Omrabas wants you to bring him a Stimulated Brain.

You will need 2 Half-Eaten Brains. There are various places where you can hunt Zombies, besides Drefia the Cemetery Quarter in Yalahar is a good option.

Follow the picture below or the following steps:

  1. Go to the entrance to the main dungeon (here), north-west of Omrabas' dungeon.
  2. Go 3 floors down to reach the main area.
  3. Go north-east to find the large hole with dead cyclopes. Walk directly north of it to find 4 sacrificial altars in pools of blood and water.

Gravedigger Vol1 Cap4 Map.png

Put the two Half-Eaten Brains on the sacrificial altars and use the machine north of it. A Stimulated Brain will appear on the central altars.

Gravedigger Vol1 Cap4 Image.gif

Take the Stimulated Brain back to Omrabas. You will receive 2 Small Emeralds as a reward.

Vol.1, Ch.5: An Innard Job / Snaky Intestines

Omrabas wants you to bring something to use as intestines. He will give you an Empty Storage Flask to store it in.

Find a live Snake (don’t kill it!) and use the Empty Storage Flask on it. A snake spawns in Drefia, around here. You can also find snakes on the mountain pass to the desert, next to the hill with a single Wyvern, here.

Return to Omrabas and turn the mission in. This is the end of Volume 1.

Vol.2, Ch.1: Dragonic Appetites / Dragon Hallowtosis

Omrabas wants you to hallow the Dragonsoul Altar. To do this, you need 3 Dragon Tears.

On Drefia's surface, go down the north-eastern hole (here). Follow the image below or the following directions:

  1. Follow the cave wall south-east until you find the stairs to a dragon graveyard (here). You will know when you are at the right stairs because there is a sign which reads "Here be Dragon Bones".
  2. Go down and walk north-east to find a teleport.

Way to Dragon Graveyard.png

Enter the teleport, go down and dig for the three dragon tears. You can find a Shovel in a human body in the south-east corner of the room if you forgot to bring one. The following image labels each tear location with blue.

When you dig tears you will receive various messages:

  • Dragon tear #1: "You found a dragon tear. This one is warm to the touch and burns in a fiery light."
  • Dragon tear #2: "You found a dragon tear. It glows in an unearthly orange light."
  • Dragon tear #3: "You found a dragon tear. This one shines and shimmers as if still liquid."

Locations of Small Dragon Tears.png

Now go to the main dungeon (here), down three floors, and find a hole north of the stairs you come from (here).

Note: You may want to mark this hole on your map. You will be going here at least 5 times during the quest.

Open the hole with a shovel and go down. You are now in the Drefia star-shaped room. To the far east you will find two level 60 expertise doors (Medusa Shield Quest). Directly south of it is the first altar you will be hallowing (number 1 in the image below).


Find the altar, behind the dragon statues, and use the dragon tears on the east side of the altar. They will all be consumed and you will receive a message:

"The dragon tears glow and disappear. The old powers are appeased."

Dragonsoul Altar.png

Return to Omrabas and talk with him about your mission.

Vol.2, Ch.2: Grilled To The Marrow / Holy Smokes

Omrabas wants you to hallow the Bonemarrow altar. To do so, you must obtain a Yellowed Bone or Large Yellowed Bone.

You can usually find yellow bones all over Drefia. You can also get one from Omrabas, by saying problem once you have the mission. Once you have one, find the Gardens of Night. To do so follow the images below or the following steps:

  1. Go to the main dungeon, down 3 floors and north-east to find the cyclops pit.
  2. Go directly north through 2 rooms and then turn east.
  3. Walk east until you pass a bar, then turn north.

At the end of the Gardens of Night, find a passage through the eastern wall of the cave. You will find many hallowed stacks of bones. Use your Yellowed Bone or Large Yellowed Bone on one to receive a Hallowed Bone or a Large Hallowed Bone.

Vol2Ch2 Grilled to the Marrow pic1.png

Once you have a Hallowed Bone or a Large Hallowed Bone, take it to the Bonemarrow altar in the star room, directly south of the previous altar (number 2 in the image below). Use it in the fire and you will receive the following message.

"The flames roar and eat the bone hungrily. The Dark Lord is satisfied with your gift".

Triangle Room.png

Return to Omrabas and talk with him about your mission when you are finished.

Vol.2, Ch.3: Blood And Toll / There Will Be Blood / Let There Be Blood!

Omrabas wants you to anoint the third altar, the Bloodgong altar. To do so you need 4 Blood Tinctures in Vials. Loot these from Blood Priests and Blood Hands.

Once you have 4 Blood Tinctures in Vials, go back to the star-shaped room and find the south-western altar (number 3 in the image). Use blood tincture on all 4 sacrificial stones. A message will appear:

"You crash the vial and spill the blood tincture. This altar is anointed."

Now use the Bloodgong Statue. Musical notes will appear, and another message:

"<BOOOOOOOONGGGGGG> A slow throbbing, like blood pulsing, runs through the floor."

Return to Omrabas. You will receive 1,500 exp on greeting him.

Vol.2, Ch.4: Ashes To Ashes / Cinder Sparks / A Taste Of Ashes

Loot one Pieces of Magic Chalk from Blood Priests, Blood Hands or Shadow Pupils. You can find them in the Necromancer Halls or connected rooms.

Find the ember chamber. To do so, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the main dungeon, down 3 floors and north, passed a room with a pool.
  2. Turn west and find a south-west passage. This is the antechamber (here). Go downstairs.

Find the Strange Fire to the south-east of the stairs. Use your chalk on the flames (ashes won't work). You will receive a message:

"The flame wavers as it engulfs the chalk. Strange ashes appear beside it."

Pick up the Shadow Ashes that will lay on the fire.

Now go to the star-shaped room once again. This time, go to the north-western altar (Number 4) and use the ashes on both Sacrificial Stones. A message will appear:

"The ashes swirl with a life of their own, mixing with the sparks of the altar."

Now return to Omrabas.

Vol.2, Ch.5: Candle in the Dark Wind / Lighten Up / The Darkness Awaits


  • Unless anything has been lured, you will only face a Lich, a Necromancer and several Cave Rats (further in the cave, though, are 2 Gravediggers, 2 more Liches, another Necromancer, 3 Ghouls and surplus Cave Rats). Go south, up the stairs and down again. Use your key on the Trapdoor. You will fall through it with the sound <swoosh> <oomph> <cough, cough>. You have now entered a small library.
  • Go to the north of the room and you will see 4 batches of strange candles on a table. Use your parchment on any of them. The message "Reading the parchment, you identify three human tallow candles and pocket them." will appear.
  • You now have 3 Candles Made of Human Tallow in your backpack. Note that if you lose the candles, or if you simply want to keep a couple for yourself, you can go back to Omrabas to restart the mission.
  • Go to the star-shaped room and to the altar in the north corner. There are 3 statues, you have to start with the bottom-left one, then the bottom-right one, then the upper one. Every time you use a candle with a statue a message will appear:
  1. Shadows rise and engulf the candle. The statue flickers in an unearthly light.
  2. The shadows of the statue swallow the candle hungrily.
  3. A shade emerges and snatches the candle from your hands.
  • When done, report back to Omrabas, you now have finished Volume 2 of the quest.

Vol.3, Ch.1: Lust for Life / By Rite of Blood

For this mission you need to find a blood priest called Tomruk The Ruddy (here). Say scroll to him and accept his mission. You will receive 2 Blood Vials which you need to fill.
The first one must be filled at the Necromancer's Pure Blood Chambers, it's in the Necromancer Halls to the south-east.

Use the FIRST empty vial here.

The second vial must be filled from a vampire blood pool located in the Vampire Crypts. Go down here, walk a bit north and go down here. Now walk west here. You will find blood pouring out of the wall into a pool, use your second vial here and report back to Tomruk The Ruddy. He will give you a vial of Tainted Blood Essence, which you will need to use on the 4 Blood Pagodas in the center of the room, to then pull the lever to the north. Report in and he will give you a scroll (this will take him 1–2 minutes, so be patient). Take the scroll called Incantation Fragment to Omrabas.

Vol.3, Ch.2: Out of the Shadows

Omrabas will send you to find Oblivion to get another Incantation Fragment. Oblivion is located at the north end of the Necromancer Halls. Follow this path to reach him:

Path to oblivion.png

Talk to Oblivion and ask him about a scroll. He will send you into the Vampire Crypts to find three graves.

Head to the Vampire Crypts the same way you went to fill the blood vial in the last mission, except head north to reach the stairs down to the second floor. Warning: There is a possibility that you will face Arachir the Ancient One or Gravelord Oshuran on the way to these stairs!

Path through vampire hell.png

Next you will have to find the three graves which have the answers to Oblivion's questions. In here you will face Vampires, Banshees, Vampire Viscounts, Vampire Brides and Gravediggers. The graves are represented by the green check marks on the map below:

Vampire hell graves.png

Read each of the graves by using the gravestone. Once you have read all three, return to Oblivion and answer the questions. The answers, in order, are:

  • Bronze
  • Floating
  • Takesha Antishu

Once you answered all three questions correctly Oblivion will tell you the scroll piece is buried beside the grave of Akab. Akab's grave is located south of the main area, near the Dormitory. Once there, dig just to the right of the gravestone to receive the Incantation Fragment.

Path to akab's grave.png

Then report to Omrabas about your mission and you will receive a Small Ruby.

Vol.3, Ch.3: All Good Things Are Three / Finders Keepers, Again

Omrabas will send you to collect the scroll piece which once belonged to him. You will receive Omrabas' Copper Key. Head down the stairs in the main ruins. Once you are in the Necromancer Halls head a bit north until you find a room with no visible door. On the southwestern wall is a large golden ornament (here), use Omrabas' Copper Key here and you will be teleported inside. You will only face one Ghost in this room. Head to the north-western part of the room to find a chest in front of two bookcases. The floor is cracked to the right of the bookcase; you must use the cracked floor. You should get a white server message saying someone left a card, and a scroll should appear on top of the crack.

Now head south to the Dormitory and go into the teleporter, here. You will be teleported into a small room with stairs down. Be careful if you are a lower level; this room contains 3 Zombies, 3 Demon Skeletons, Scorpions and a Lich, and only one person is allowed in the room at a time (for 5 mins max). In this room you will also find a Necromancer Servant. When you go down the stairs, you can not back up until you kill the Necromancer Servant. Upon killing it you will loot the third Incantation Fragment. Report back to Omrabas, you will receive 3 Black Pearls.

Vol.3, Ch.4: The Dark Piper of Drefia / Four Down, One To Go

You will receive Omrabas' Magic Cape. Omrabas will send you to find a dark priestess to collect the fourth scroll piece. Head down the stairs in the main ruins, then go down the stairs to the north past the star room hole here a few White Shade and a Gravedigger. Head to the north of the room to find Elyen Ravenlock. She will only greet necromancers, so must use Omrabas' Magic Cape to disguise yourself, then say "hi" to her. Ask her about a scroll and she will give you a Flute Made of a Single Bone. You must play the Flute Made of a Single Bone in front of 5 Strange Shrines, located in the Gardens of Night, to the north-east of the Necromancer Halls (near the place you went to for Hallowed Bone). The Strange Shrines look the same as Magic Pillars and are located outside and to the north of the two rooms.

Start with this one and follow the path to the north to find all 5:

Strange Shrines.jpg

You must use the Flute Made of a Single Bone on each of the five Strange Shrines. On each use it might say "That didn't come out right. You should try again." If this happens use the Flute Made of a Single Bone again. Continue until you have successfully played for each shrine. (Note: You may want to use the Flute Made of a Single Bone on each one again just to make sure you finished. If you played for a shrine already it will say "You already played for this shrine.")

Once you finished this, go back to Elyen Ravenlock and report your success. She will take the Flute Made of a Single Bone back and grant you access over the tiles just east of her. In the Chest of Drawers (Quest) immediately past the tiles you will find an Incantation Fragment. Report back to Omrabas.

Vol.3, Ch.5: Friendship Is Magic / Diggin' Deeper / Covered Up Real Nice

Now Omrabas will ask for the last piece of scroll. Go to the souther part of Drefia (for this you will have to leave the northern part of Drefia). Once there, enter the hole as marked in the following picture:

200px-Drefia Map.gif

Now go down 3 floors (Take care if you are low level! there is a Lich and there are other creatures near the stairs). Once you are down, go to the west (there is a small way with sand on the floor) and to the south. After all you'll find a hole, go down and you will find Zarifan, here. Talk to him and tell him "Hi – Magic – Friendship – lives – forever" (in this order), after you have done this you can leave the place and go back to the northern part of Drefia, where Omrabas is located.

As soon as you get back to northern Drefia go down the hole to the east of the entrance to the Necromancer Halls, here:

400px-Drefia Map.gif

Down here you'll find mostly pirates, go to the most eastern part, there will be a small way where you'll find a hole, go down and then down again and maybe again. You should end up here:

2348 78.png

There you will see three stones in a triangular formation, dig in exact middle, here:

2349 79.png

You will receive a Torn Incantation Fragment. After this go back to Omrabas and say "yes" to get the next mission. After doing so, you will have to get the last piece of scroll. Go directly to the Necromancer Halls and now take the way to the Vampire Crypts as shown on this image:

2350 80.png

There you will find a hole, dig it open and you will get inside a room. Go to the north and you will find two bookshelves (one to the north and another one to the west), use the bookshelf to the north and you will get a Crumpled Paper. Now you should have two broken notes in your backpack, use Torn Incantation Fragment with the Crumpled Paper and you should get an Incantation Fragment. Go back to Omrabas and tell him "hi" - "restore" and he will restore the Incantation Fragment to an Incantation Scroll. After this ask for the next mission.

Vol.3, Ch.6: The Right Rite

Now you are at Omrabas and after asking for a mission he will give you a skull, Omrabas' Talking Skull. Omrabas wants you to bring the skull and the scroll that you got before to the Star-Shaped room. When you get there you will have to go to the altar located between the south-west altar and the south-east altar (it's exactly in the middle between those two altars). Enter the teleport here (only one person per turn, you have 5 minutes) put the skull in the middle of the altar and use the scroll on the skull. A message will appear "The scroll burns to dust.The magic stutters. Omrabas' soul flees to his old hideaway." and a Chicken will spawn on the altar. Now you will get the achievement Gravedigger. Leave the room and report back to Omrabas, he will give you a Nail Case, which is needed to tame a Gravedigger. You finished the quest.


Vol.1, Ch.1: Spare Parts / Sharpen Elbows

Player: hi
Omrabas: At last, a visitor! Welcome to my... humble abode.
Player: mission
Omrabas: Hmm. You could be of assistance, I presume. I need several body parts. I will reward you adequately. Interested?
Player: yes
Omrabas: Very sensible of you. I will pay you handsomely for your help. ...
Omrabas: All you have to do is fetch diverse fresh body parts and then prepare the resurrection ritual. Nothing out of the ordinary. ...
Omrabas: First, I need two arms. Ghouls usually carry some as a snack. Two ghoul snacks should not be hard to get! Return when you have them.

Player: hi
Omrabas: Ah hello, young friend! Did you bring me two ghoul snacks as requested?
Player: yes
Omrabas: Splendid! What? They're half gnawed! There are no hands! Hrmmm. Let me think of a solution. Talk to me again in a minute.

Vol.1, Ch.2: Idle Hands / Coming In Handy

Player: hi
Omrabas: Ah, young friend, I found a solution! Find me two demonic {skeletal hands}. That should do it. Now run along!
Player: skeletal hands
Omrabas: What? Hack some off from a demon skeleton, of course! Now get moving.

Player: hi
Omrabas: Ah hello again! You look as if you could, er, lend me a hand or two? Yes?
Player: yes
Omrabas: Yes. Those will be adequate. Talk to me again if you want to continue with your next {mission}.

Vol.1, Ch.3: Take Heart / Heartfelt

Player: mission
Omrabas: I need my heart back. I know where they have hidden it. Too afraid to destroy my beating heart, hah! ...
Omrabas: It is in a dusty amphora in a sealed mass grave in the downmost cellar of my ancient home. The ruins lie to the north at the beach. ...
Omrabas: Crash the amphoras to find my heart, and bring it to me.

Player: hi
Omrabas: Yes? You have it? You what? Not in the amphoras? You picked it off someone else?!? ...
Omrabas: Well, the important thing is that you have it. Let's see if it's still in good shape. {Give} it to me.
Player: give
Omrabas: Ah... <sighs> Very good. Just say the word when you are ready for the next {mission}.

Vol.1, Ch.4: A No-Brainer / Brained Up / Brained Up And Ready

Player: mission
Omrabas: I will need brains - don't laugh! Ahem. I will need a stimulated brain, to be precise. ...
Omrabas: Use two half-eaten brains with the Brain Heater Machine in the Necromancer halls and bring me the fused, stimulated brain. Now go!

Player: hi
Omrabas: Yes, yes, hello. Tell me if you {lost} something. If not, do you have that stimulated brain with you?
Player: yes
Omrabas: Ah, very nice specimen. Good. Here is a token of my gratitude. Now, ready to take on the next {mission}?

Vol.1, Ch.5: An Innard Job / Snaky Intestines

Player: mission Omrabas: Now that you have shown you've got the brains, I need you to show initiative. ...
Omrabas: I will need something that can be adequately used as intestines. Something alive. Stuff it into this storage flask and return it to me!

Player: hi
Omrabas: Hello, hello. Let's come to the point - did you find me some intestines?
Player: yes
Omrabas: Ah... interesting. A snake? Not bad, not bad at all. ...
Omrabas: Right. Now, we need to waken the old powers through ritual. Let me know when you are ready for this {mission}.

Vol.2, Ch.1: Dragonic Appetites / Dragon Hallowtosis

Player: mission
Omrabas: Good. As you may have gathered, the body parts you brought need to be assembled to form a whole body. ...
Omrabas: This will happen through a necromantic ritual that we - or rather, you - now have to prepare. ...
Omrabas: In a first step, it will involve retrieving specific artefacts of dark magic and hallowing the altars of the dark powers with them. ...
Omrabas: After that, you will have to speak an ancient incantation to animate the body and fuse my soul within. ...
Omrabas: But first things first. Are you ready to {undertake} the hallowing of the five altars?
Player: undertake
Omrabas: Good! Let's not waste time. The first altar you must hallow is the Dragonsoul Altar, at the eastern side of the room. ...
Omrabas: To hallow it, dig out three dragon tears and place them on the altar to appease the dark powers. ...
Omrabas: What? Oh, you'll find some dragon tears near dragon skulls... where? ...
Omrabas: In the Dragonbone Cemetery, OBVIOUSLY! Must I explain EVERYTHING to you? Now go!

Player: hi
Omrabas: Ah hello! Well done there, I felt the old powers settling down. Now, {ready} to hallow the next altar?

Vol.2, Ch.2: Grilled To The Marrow / Holy Smokes

Player: ready
Omrabas: I expected no less. Next is the Bonemarrow Altar, where the Dark Lord feasts upon the hallowed bones of...err. ...
Omrabas: Ahem. Just take a yellowed bone or big bone, and hallow it - you don't know how? ...
Omrabas: Huh. To HALLOW a yellowed bone, use it with one of the hallowed bonepiles in the Gardens Of Night. There are always bones around there - or were, in my days. ...
Omrabas: Then, place the hallowed bone on the firebasin of the Bonemarrow Altar so the Dark Lord can consume it and grants us his power. Return to me after that.

Player: hi
Omrabas: Are you still here? Come on, let's not laze about, go to the Gardens of Night - where? ...
Omrabas: East of the Necromancer Halls, you can't miss it, just look for a lot of dark and white sand, dried trees, and priestesses! ...
Omrabas: Or got a problem with finding bones? Hah!
Player: problem
Omrabas: What? No bones around you say? Hrmmm. Wait. Check the skull heap here - that's right - hah! There! Now get to work!

Player: hi
Omrabas: Ah, welcome, welcome! I felt that one! The Dark Lord is pleased with the gift you brought, so now we can proceed with everything as planned. ...
Omrabas: If it had gone wrong though, he would have had your guts for gart... er... well, here you are, so - ready to get some {blood} flowing?

Vol.2, Ch.3: Blood And Toll / There Will Be Blood / Let There Be Blood!

Player: blood
Omrabas: Yes, I said blood. Important ingredient in necromantic rituals, usually. ...
Omrabas: You need to spill some vials of blood tincture for this task. Probably means killing blood priests to get those vials. Ready to do this?
Player: ready
Omrabas: Ah, I knew you were a sturdy fellow! Necromancer material if ever I saw one! ...
Omrabas: Well then, the next task is to anoint the Bloodgong Altar. This will animate the dark flows we need for the ritual. ...
Omrabas: You need to spill a vial of blood tincture on each of the four sacrifical stones of the altar in order to anoint them. ...
Omrabas: Then, toll the Bloodgong north of the sacrificial stones to set the dark flows going. Return to me after that.

Player: hi
Omrabas: Ah, it is invigorating to fell the dark flows, rushing through Drefia, once again! Capital. This has earned you a reward. ...
Omrabas: Now, the next mission awaits, {yes}?

Vol.2, Ch.4: Ashes To Ashes / Cinder Sparks / A Taste Of Ashes

Player: yes
Omrabas: Excellent. To bind the earthly powers, we, I mean you, must worship at the Fireglass Altar. ...
Omrabas: This means scattering sacred ashes from the Ember Chamber on the sacrificial stones of the Fireglass Altar. ...
Omrabas: To gather the sacred ashes, you have to use magic chalk with the Shadow Fire in the Ember Chamber. ...
Omrabas: Gather the resulting ashes from the Shadow Hearth, and scatter them on the Fireglass Altar's sacrificial stones. Then return here.

Player: hi
Omrabas: Ah, finally. Exceptional! Don't you feel the earth awakening to our call? No? Oh. ...
Omrabas: Anyway, you succeeded in hallowing the Fireglass Altar! Only one altar remains to be hallowed! Shall we {proceed}?

Vol.2, Ch.5: Candle in the Dark Wind / The Darkness Awaits

Player: proceed
Omrabas: <reverential> The final altar that remains to be hallowed... the Shadowthrone. ...
Omrabas: Only a candle made of human tallow placed before each shadow statue in the right order, will awaken it. ...
Omrabas: I say, are you sick? Human tallow candles are a perfectly good tool - don't look at me like that! Be professional about this, will you? ...
Omrabas: I have some candles hidden deep down in the lich caves, east of here. Here's the key that opens the trapdoor to the cache. ...
Omrabas: And take this parchment. Identify the right candles with it, take three with you and place one in front of the three shadowthrone statues, starting counterclockwise. Now go!

Player: hi
Omrabas: Yes! YES! I have felt that! The altars are alive again! Well done! ...
Omrabas: We are close now. Only one important thing remains: the incantation itself. We need the {scroll} for that.

Vol.3, Ch.1: Lust for Life

Player: scroll
Omrabas: Well, it is a rather long story. The short version: I had friends - no need to snigger. ...
Omrabas: We were five highly brilliant dark summoners. We joined our forces to find the scroll of Youth and Life Eternal. ...
Omrabas: But when we finally found it after years of toiling and danger, we quarreled over who could have it. The scroll tore. ...
Omrabas: We each retained one piece of the scroll. Well, that was a long time ago. ...
Omrabas: But I think I have a clue where we can find the first piece of the scroll. Would you go looking?
Player: yes
Omrabas: Superb! You won't regret this. I will reward you beyond your wildest dreams! ...
Omrabas: I know that one of my former friends joined the blood priests later on. He made it quite high before he was ritually killed. ...
Omrabas: Go find a blood priest you can talk to. Ask him, but subtly. And never tell anyone what the scroll does!

Player: scroll
Tomruk The Ruddy: So someone sent you after a scroll, eh? A stroll for a scroll! <chuckles> Sounds like an old-fashioned necromancer thing. ...
Tomruk The Ruddy: Well, this piece here is a rather fascinating thing - see those strange blood stains? - ...
Tomruk The Ruddy: My predecessors have had it for quite a while without finding out more - I was hoping to investigate, but there's always so much to do! ...
Tomruk The Ruddy: Ah, so you want it, too? Well, do me a favour: fetch two samples and assist in my experiment, in exchange for the scroll piece. {Yes}?
Player: yes
Tomruk The Ruddy: Sanguine! I need two different blood samples - The first one from the necromancer's pure blood chamber. ...
Tomruk The Ruddy: I was barred from the premises. For my research! Shameful! I'm a martyr to the cause - oh, the second sample you said? ...
Tomruk The Ruddy: The second sample you must retrieve from the sacrificial chamber in the ancient vampire crypts, first floor, far west. ...
Tomruk The Ruddy: Take these two sterilised vials, one for each blood basin. Oh, I wish I could go myself! Come back when you have filled both vials.

Vol.3, Ch.2: Out of the Shadows

missing transcripts

Vol.3, Ch.3: All Good Things Are Three / Finders Keepers, Again

Player: hi
Omrabas: Hello - what? You have the scroll piece, you say?
Player: yes
Omrabas: Oh, praise the Dark Lord! It is my scroll piece! Give it here! You can have this instead. ...
Omrabas: Ahh, that feels GOOD. Now, only two pieces left to hunt down! On to the next scroll piece, yes?

Vol.3, Ch.4: The Dark Piper of Drefia / Four Down, One To Go

Player: yes
Omrabas: Hahah, eager for it, I like that! ...
Omrabas: One piece stayed in the hands of a beautiful priestess. ...
Omrabas: As they never throw anything away that looks like an incantation - you get my drift. Find out where they still keep it! ...
Omrabas: Oh, one more thing! They only talk to you when you look like a fellow summoner. It's dangerous to go without a cape. Use this.

Player: hi
Elyen Ravenlock: Hello, brother. You come with a question to me, I believe?
Player: yes
Elyen Ravenlock: And what is it you want? Do you bring news from the undead, or do you seek a dark artefact?
Player: artefact
Elyen Ravenlock: The scroll piece there? The symbols look promising, but it is incomplete. ...
Elyen Ravenlock: It is of little use to us. But it seems to be of interest to you ...
Elyen Ravenlock: In exchange for the scroll piece, you must assist me with something. Agreed?
Player: yes
Elyen Ravenlock: I would have to sing to the Dark Shrines, but I cannot. ...
Elyen Ravenlock: I... cannot bear Urgith's breed. Everywhere, I hear them - scrabbling, squeaking ...
Elyen Ravenlock: Take this bone flute and play it in front of the five Dark Shrines so that they answer with song in return. You will find them in the Gardens of Night. ...
Elyen Ravenlock: If you have done that, you may have the scroll piece. Now go.

Player: hi
Elyen Ravenlock: Hello, brother. You have finished the dance?
Player: yes
Elyen Ravenlock: You have indeed. The shrines have sung back to you. Well done, brother. Not many men take such an interest in our art. ...
Elyen Ravenlowill take the flute back. Our bargain stands. You may take the scroll.

Player: hi
Omrabas: Hello, young apprentice. Do you have that scroll piece from the priestess?
Player: yes
Omrabas: Ahhh, capital, capital. Good girl for keeping it for me. I'll take back my cape now, thank you. ...
Omrabas: Now - the final part of the scroll! Ready to go retrieve it?

Vol.3, Ch.5: Friendship Is Magic / Diggin' Deeper / Covered Up Real Nice

Player: yes
Omrabas: That's the spirit! Speaking of which, you will have to look for a White Shade ...
Omrabas: That's a ghost, in case you don't know. Goes by name of... Zarifan, if I recall correctly. ...
Omrabas: His grave is somewhere to the south, somewhere deeper. And he only reacts to magic words. ...
Omrabas: Err... it's embarrassing... the magic words are <mumble> <mumble> <ahem> ...
Omrabas: 'Friendship lives forever.' Silly, really. Untrue, as well. ...
Omrabas: Anyway, say those three words - don't make me repeat them - and the old softie will tell you where the scroll is. Pathetic.

Zarifan: ... ... hello...magic... words?
Player: magic
Zarifan: ...Tell me...the first... magic word.
Player: friendship
Zarifan: Yes... YES... friendship... now... second word?
Player: lives
Zarifan: Yes... YES... friendship... lives... now third word?
Player: forever
Zarifan: Yes... YES... friendship... lives... FOREVER. ...
Zarifan: What you seek.... is buried. Beneath the sand. No graves. ...
Zarifan: Between a triangle of big stones you must dig... in the eastern caves. ...
Zarifan: And say hello... to... my old friend... Omrabas.

Player: hi
Omrabas: Welcome, welcome! Finally! The last scroll piece.... you do have it, haven't you?
Player: yes
Omrabam so excited! Finally, we - wait. What is this? That... is not the complete scroll piece. ...
Omrabdon't care what you say! This is a disaster! We need a complete scr - wait. I have an idea. ...
Omrabas: There must be a copy or something in my old library. Something to use with the scroll, to find the missing words. ...
Omrabas: There must be. Go look there. Next to the fiveserrated room, a small library. Go go go!

Player: hi
Omrabas: Don't keep me waiting. The last scroll piece - were you able to restore it?
Player: restore
Omrabknew it! I knew I had made a copy! Oh, I am so clever! ...
Omrabas: Now, watch this. <mumbles darkly> THERE. THE COMPLETE INCANTATION SCROLL. ...
Omrabas: You have done well. Only one thing remains, and you shall be rich beyond your dreams. Ready for the really final task?

Vol.3, Ch.6: The Right Rite

Player: ready
Omrabas: Then let's go. Take my skull and the incantation scroll to the working station in the fiveserrated room ...
Omrabas: Where the lava flows and the southern legs of the room meet. Place the Skull on the sacrificial stone and use the scroll ...
Omrabas: AND I shall be made whole, and YOU shall be RICH!

Player: hi
Omrabas: It failed! IT FAILED! WHY? What have you done! This must be your fault! ...
Omrabas: You... did... that was a recipe for chicken soup! No wonder the scroll failed! Now... all is lost ...
Omrabas: <sobs drily> I never want to see you again! You and your dirty gravedigger hands! Take this, you ungrateful, useless, imbecile... human! ...
Omrabas: Now... get out! And never, ever, dare come back! You ruined EVERYTHING!

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