Black book found in Liberty Bay in the Theodore Loveless Residence and in Isle of the Kings
Grey small book found on Freedom Street and Klabauter Walk in Liberty Bay
Brown book found in Carlin's Congress Hall and Library and in Isle of the Kings.
Brown square book is found on Nargor.

Since sightings have been reported by many respectable seamen the existance of the golden whale can no longer be dismissed as a fairy tale. It is said that this whale is as huge as an isle and its body is made of purest gold. Even though many of the reports were made by seamen in the southern seas sailors of the north also claim to have seen this creature. All over the world the sighting of the golden whale is seen as a good omen. No one has yet been able to even hurt the beast; however, several inventors and mages have come up with ideas for the creation of a weapon that might pierce its golden body.