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The godslayer races
As with the ascensonist movement, the godslayer cults are incredibly old. Although the term 'races' is usually applied, this generalization is not a correct one. Indeed the first of those cults where founded by ancient races, most long forgotten, that suffered greatly in the creation wars. Most of those races only barely escaped complete extinction and none ever recovered from the blood toll of the wars. In fact some of those 'races' are rumored to have been reduced to a handful of beings or even a single entity. However some of them tried to gain converts from the younger races to bolster their ranks. The methods to keep their races and cults alive over the centuries differed and most tries were in vain. It's assumed that in our days only a handful of godslayer cults exists and perhaps another handful of single entities that follow this agenda. Be it as it may, for sure is that the name godslayer defines and summarizes their philosophies, or at least the ends of these philosophies. Their goal is nothing less than the extermination of the gods (or in some cases of a specific god). The means through which this goal is to be achieved differ, if they are clear at all. Most cultists are probably content with hating the gods and
spreading discord among their worshipers. Some might have very specific plans as the last of the Rardor, Tel'Chac Agur, who tried to take over the soulvortex in the early new ages. In most cases a godslayer cult surfaced, it was handled by human worshipers of the gods without real divine interference. It's said though, that the destruction of the isle Molinora was caused by the dark magic
of Zathroth and his demon armies and the last of the dark race of Souleaters (also known as the Noshar) were annihilated with their dark temple and forbidden secrets they had collected in this last retreat of that cruel race.

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