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The Ghostsilver Lantern - Scientific Research into Arcane Artefacts
Some months ago I found a clue leading to an ancient artefact in one of the oldest tomes in this library: the Ghostsilver Lantern. Many centuries ago some of these magical artefacts were created by a powerful mage. They are made from magically treated silver and glass coated with ghostly ectoplasm. Nowadays unknown runes are engraved into the silver braces of the lantern. Thus the artefact is able to reveal hidden doors when lit. It even uncovers entrances that would otherwise be completely invisible to the naked eye. As the mage sadly didn't (or couldn't) pass his knowledge on to posterity, we can't create Ghostsilver Lanterns without further ado today. Yet I'm convinced that at least one of these lanterns still exists in the old masonry my circle has chosen for its current homestead. In the course of my explorations ofl the rooms and hallways, I discovered a separate chamber, only reachable by a stairway on the lowest floor. High in a corner there was a thick spider web and something was glittering in the sticky strands. I could catch a glimpse of a silvery and blue object that could very well have been one of the said lanterns. I couldn't reach it (not that I was afraid of the big spider guarding the web) so I had to leave empty-handed. Later on I could not return because this time the lowest floor was flooded with the creepy shapers that suddenly showed up here. I hope we'll drive them back soon so that I'll have a chance to obtain the precious artefact. With a treasure like this I could probably gain the favour of the Circle Master Uquora herself. (And I hope that before we defeat them the shapers will have made short work of the huge spider that was between me and the lantern. … Of course it was the lack of a ladder that hindered me from taking it, as I already noted.)

Zegrath, Novice of the Circle of the Black Sphinx

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