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The ghostlands
The ghostlands where allready cursed since ages even in the founding days of carlin.
Unease befell those who wandered there and the area was avoided when possible.
After the female reign of carlin was established and the independent city tried to expand its influence settlers where sent there to claim the nearby area.
Soon they where troubled by nightmares and bad omen. People halucionated and became agressive if not even outright mad. Serial killings, berserk rages and strange but lethal accidents became commonplace until the people moved back to the city. The queen was displeased but their citziens won't make qnother try. So the Queen sent the druids to cleanse the area. As their returned weary and wounded and three of them missing they, explained that the area was cursed, haunted and lost for humanity. The queen argued but the druids where adamant in their oppinion. The conclave of druids decided to seal the area with magic wards and maically erected a hedge which they empowered with magic. The queen was not happy but did not intervene to stop them. Since then the area is known as the ghostlands (and several other nicknames suggesting the same).