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Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Rookgaard
Position 125.35, 125.185, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Unknown.
Race Animate Object
Occupational Properties
Job Clairvoyant
Other Properties
Version 7.11-7.2
Status Deprecated.
The Gatekeeper
You see The Gatekeeper.


Rookgaard premium side.


The Gatekeeper was removed from Rookgaard in the Update 8.2.
The Gatekeeper used to occupy the second floor of a small shrine-like building. This was then replaced by a wood shack. The shack moved and the area has been replaced with water after Update 8.4, which in particular revamped the premium side of Rookgaard.
The Gatekeeper used to teleport premium characters from Rookgaard to the Mainland. There is also The Oracle, on the free account side, who did the same. The difference between The Oracle and The Gatekeeper were your choices of what city to live in. The Gatekeeper could teleport you to Darashia, Ankrahmun, Port Hope, Liberty Bay, Ab'Dendriel or Kazordoon.
Looked like an angel statue.

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