Rumour has it that new clues about the first dragon that had direct contact with humans, Garsharak's son, have come to light. Being the chatterbox he is, Vigintius may know a thing or two about it so make sure to squeeze out any bit of information he has to share.


All over Tibia



Ancient Inscription[]

The Ancient Inscription mission is optional. You can choose to skip it by starting from the Tamoril section.

Vigintius on the island of Vigintia has heard of an explorer who found an ancient inscription underneath the city of Thais. Go to the Ancient Temple just outside the gates of Thais and go down here twice to floor -2. Walk south and west and go down here. Now walk north-west and go up here. Walk a little west and you will see an Ancient Inscription here.

Use the Dead Explorer left of the inscription to find the First Dragon (Book) in the form of a Blurred Transcript. It will give you some background information about the quest as well as a hint on where to proceed (i.e. Yalahar).


To properly start the quest, talk to Tamoril (who can be found in Yalahar's Magician Quarter by going up here) and ask him about First Dragon and rumours. He will talk about the descendants of the First Dragon, upon which you should ask him about their draconic incitements and tell him you want to find the dragons' lairs. Now say yes twice in order to receive the quest in your Quest Log. Although you can find Tamoril at any season of the year, you can only start this quest between January 14 and February 12.

Power Boss (Tazhadur)[]

You must kill 200 dragons in order to be able to access Tazhadur's lair. Dragons killed in previous events count, but if you're doing the event for the first time you will have to start from scratch when event begins (200 dragons in bestiary does not equal to having access). These must be common Dragons and not Dragon Hatchlings, Dragon Lords, Frost Dragons or any other kind of dragon. A good place to hunt dragons is the Crystal Lakes (53 dragons spawning close to each other) or the first floor of the Darashia Dragon Lair. Of course, there are a lot of other places as well.

Once you have killed the required 200 dragons, you may step onto the Large Glowing Emerald inside the Darashia Dragon Lair (here) in order to be teleported into Tazhadur's lair. Kill him and be sure to take the Tooth of Tazhadur with you upon exiting.

Treasure Boss (Kalyassa)[]

You must collect treasure out of some Dragon Chests before being able to access Kalyassa's lair. This book tells us the rough location of 19 of these chests, but a twentieth can be found on Goroma. You will only need to open 5 of them in order to pass the task. The locations and rewards are as follows:

Area Exact Location Reward
Jakundaf Desert Here 2 White Pearls
Kazordoon Here Gold Ingot
Treasure Island Here Emerald Bangle
Kha'zeel Dragon Lairs/Tiquanda Here Red Gem
Banuta Here Giant Shimmering Pearl (Brown)
Old Fortress Here Yellow Gem
Draconia Here Violet Crystal Shard
Vengoth Castle Here Green Gem
Zao Steppe Here Giant Shimmering Pearl (Green)
Crystal Gardens Here Blue Crystal Shard
Okolnir Here 2 Small Diamonds
Drefia Here 3 Onyx Chips
Oramond Fury Dungeon Here Green Crystal Shard
Krailos Here 3 Opals
Isle of Evil Here 3 Talons
Spider Caves Here 3 Black Pearls
Cemetery Quarter Here 2 Gold Nuggets
Ghostlands Here 3 Platinum Coins
Darashia Dragon Lair Here 2 Green Crystal Splinters
Goroma Here 2 Red Crystal Fragments

Once you have collected 5 of the treasures, you may step onto the Large Glowing Ruby located within the Dragonblaze Peaks (here) to access Kalyassa's lair. Kill her and be sure to take the Horn of Kalyassa with you upon exiting.

Note: Opening all 20 Dragon Chests will yield the Treasure Hunter achievement.

Knowledge Boss (Gelidrazah the Frozen)[]

Path to Gelidrazah

From Buddel, you have to go up 3 times to reach the teleport.

Life Boss (Zorvorax)[]

To gain access to this boss you need to walk into 3 special areas:

  • The oasis in Kha'labal, here (You enter the beautiful oasis. By visiting this sacred site you're infused with the power of water bringing life to the desert.);
  • The stone circle north of Carlin, here (You enter the circle of trees and flowers. By visiting this sacred site you're infused with the power of nature and plants.).
  • The Suntower south of Ab'Dendriel, here (You enter the suntower of Ab'Dendriel. By visiting this sacred site you're infused with the power of the life-giving sun.);

Once you have walked into each of these spots and received the corresponding server message, you may step onto the Large Glowing Amethyst in the Edron Vampire Crypt, (here) to be teleported into Zorvorax's lair. Kill him and be sure to take the Bones of Zorvorax with you upon exiting.

The First Dragon[]

Now that you have killed the power boss Tazhadur, the treasure boss Kalyassa, the knowledge boss Gelidrazah the Frozen and the life boss Zorvorax, you can access the First Dragon Lair. Take the Tooth of Tazhadur, Horn of Kalyassa, Scale of Gelidrazah, and Bones of Zorvorax with you and head out to the desert just west of town on the location shown to the right.

From here, levitate 3 times then go up the ramp north until you reach this area. Use the four boss products on the tile in front of the center of the door to gain permanent access to the First Dragon Lair. Use the tile to enter the lair and fight your way down to the last floor to find a Mystic Flame.

Step onto the flame to be sent to Kizar's room and head south to encounter a teleporter that will send you to a room with a Lever. Pulling this lever will initiate the final fight, so make sure that you and your team are ready. It's recommended to go in with a team of 3 Elite Knights, 4 Elder Druids, 4 Master Sorcerers and 4 Royal Paladins. Anyone of level 250 or higher should feel safe, although knights are advised to be level 300 at the least.

The Fight[]

Fallen Challenger

After pulling the lever, your team gets split into a group of 3 shattered around 5 different rooms. This rooms contain a Fallen Challenger and a Teleporter. If you enter the Teleporter you will get sent back to the butler's room. Kill the dragon and it will turn into a Mystic Flame, which sends you into the final boss room. Note: After entering the flame, start moving immediately to avoid being trapped in case you're the first person in the room. If possible, the team should coordinate this to prevent deaths.

Unbeatable Dragons

Now as everybody is in the boss room, you will find 5 Unbeatable Dragons, several Dragon Wardens and a single Spirit of Fertility. The Dragon Wardens can be killed but respawn shortly after. The task is to lure the Spirit of Fertility from the right side where it spawns (water area) to the left side of the room (grass area) and make it step on the Dry Flower.

Once the Spirit of Fertility steps on the Dry Flower, it becomes an Angry Plant. Kill it, and a Flower Bowl will appear as its corpse. Lure one of the Unbeatable Dragons onto this Flower, and it will become a Somewhat Beatable Dragon, which the team must kill. Repeat this until all Unbeatable Dragons are dead.

Note: A good strategy is to have a blocker holding the Unbeatable Dragons north or south of the room, while the rest of the team do the luring and killing. The Spirit of Fertility can be damaged by the creatures in the room, but also healed by Druid's Mass Healing spell.

Dragon Essences

Once all 5 Unbeatable Dragons are dead, 6 Dragon Essences will spawn. They have a lot of hitpoints and deal considerable damage, so shooters should be careful. It's important to note that all Dragon Essences share the same hitpoints pool (the damage taken by one is dealt to all of them), so it's more efficient to use single-target attacks instead of area attacks to kill them faster.

The First Dragon

Finally, after killing all 6 Dragon Essences The First Dragon will spawn. Focus all the team fire power on it, but be careful since Dragon Wardens will keep spawning. Note that The First Dragon teleports itself to different places of the room a few times during the fight, meaning trapping it won't be very helpful.


First Dragon Reward Room

The rewards room

After killing the boss you will get teleported into the reward room.

Talk to The First Dragon (NPC) and ask him for your reward. He will grant you the new Festive Outfits.

Make sure to open all three chests which contain a Porcelain Mask, 3 Colourful Feathers and a backpack containing an Ancient Coin, Draken Sulphur, 2 Seacrest Hair, 2 Mystical Hourglass, 3 Gold Tokens, a Blue Gem, a Red Gem, a Yellow Gem, 2 Demon Horns, 2 Slime Hearts, 2 Energy Veins, 2 Petrified Screams, 2 Brimstone Shells, 2 Deepling Warts, 2 Wyrm Scales and 2 Hellspawn Tails.

Please note that:



Player: hi
Tamoril: Another pesky {mortal} who believes his {gold} outweighs his nutrition value.
Player: First Dragon
Tamoril: The First Dragon? The first of all of us? The Son of {Garsharak}? I'm surprised you heard about him. It is such a long time that he wandered Tibia. Yet, there are some {rumours}.
Player: rumours
Tamoril: It is told that the First Dragon had four {descendants}, who became the ancestors of the four kinds of dragons we know in Tibia. They perhaps still have knowledge about the First Dragon's whereabouts - if one could find them.
Player: descendants
Tamoril: The names of these four are {Tazhadur}, {Kalyassa}, {Gelidrazah} and {Zorvorax}. Not only were they the ancestors of all dragons after but also the primal representation of the {draconic incitements}. About whom do you want to learn more?
Player: draconic incitements
Tamoril: Each kind of dragon has its own incitement, an important aspect that impels them and occupies their mind. For the common dragons this is the lust for {power}, for the dragon lords the greed for {treasures}. ...
Tamoril: The frost dragons' incitement is the thirst for {knowledge} und for the undead dragons it's the desire for {life}, as they regret their ancestor's mistake. ...
Tamoril: These incitements are also a kind of trial that has to be undergone if one wants to {find} the First Dragon's four {descendants}.
Player: find
Tamoril: What do you want to do, if you know about these mighty dragons' abodes? Go there and look for a fight?
Player: yes
Tamoril: Fine! I'll tell you where to find our ancestors. You now may ask yourself why I should want you to go there and fight them. It's quite simple: I am a straight descendant of Kalyassa herself. She was not really a caring mother. ...
Tamoril: No, she called herself an empress and behaved exactly like that. She was domineering, farouche and conceited and this finally culminated in a serious quarrel between us. ...
Tamoril: I sought support by my aunt and my uncles but they were not a bit better than my mother was! So, feel free to go to their lairs and challenge them. I doubt you will succeed but then again that's not my problem. ...
Tamoril: So, you want to know about their secret lairs?
Player: yes
Tamoril: So listen: The lairs are secluded and you can only reach them by using a magical gem teleporter. You will find a teleporter carved out of a giant emerald in the dragon lairs deep beneath the Darama desert, which will lead you to Tazhadur's lair. ...
Tamoril: A ruby teleporter located in the western Dragonblaze Peaks allows you to enter the lair of Kalyassa. A teleporter carved out of sapphire is on the island Okolnir and leads you to Gelidrazah's lair. ...
Tamoril: And finally an amethyst teleporter in undead-infested caverns underneath Edron allows you to enter the lair of Zorvorax.

The First Dragon Quest

Gelidrazah's Thirst[]

Player: hi
Gelidrazah's Thirst: Have you come to answer Gelidrazah's questions?
Player: yes
Gelidrazah's Thirst: There are three questions. First: What is the name of the princess who fell in love with a Thaian nobleman during the regency of pharaoh Uthemath? Second: Who is the author of the book 'The Language of the Wolves'? ...
Gelidrazah's Thirst: Third: Which ancient Tibian race reportedly travelled the sky in cloud ships? Can you answer these questions?
Player: yes
Gelidrazah's Thirst: So I ask you: What is the name of the princess who fell in love with a Thaian nobleman during the regency of pharaoh Uthemath?
Player: Tahmehe
Gelidrazah's Thirst: That's right. Listen to the second question: Who is the author of the book 'The Language of the Wolves'?
Player: Ishara
Gelidrazah's Thirst: That's right. Listen to the third question: Which ancient Tibian race reportedly travelled the sky in cloud ships?
Player: Svir
Gelidrazah's Thirst: That is correct. You satisfactorily answered all questions. You may pass and enter Gelidrazah's lair.

The First Dragon Quest