A burnt out version of this book can be found in the Old Fortress Library.

The First Creatures BOOK ONE

Zathroth however was delighted by the destructive potential, which Fafnar showed, and he looked upon her with delight. He flattered her with compliments, and he succeeded in seducing her. Thus they conceived Brog, the fiery raging berserker. Brog possessed only little of his fathers wisdom, and the heat of his mother burned only deep inside of him. There however the fire became more ravaging and more hurting, and the rough titan raged and cried that the elements were shaken. Inexpressible pain troubled him, until the blocheaded Brog compacted his magical powers and hurled a major part of the fire far away from himself. From the fire, which did not want to cool down, however immediately the first dragon, called Garsharak, rose and he bore many further lower dragons in the course of the centuries from his fire and his magic, of the like we know today.

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