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The Book of Qjell, The First Coming

Edition II, Translation from 'Jekhr' (language of the Deeplings)
By Lagatos, Chronicler and Scholar

When the creatures of the deep were born under the eternal suns, a great evil befell the seas. An evil never described in writing nor mentioned by a scholar for it was blackness incarnate. Chaos and darkness reigned and the deep suffered direly. For centuries our world was shattered and occluded from light and warmth. Those born under a weak tide were abducted, captured, eaten by fiends of the void. The strongest would prevail, but their numbers were small. Our race was facing extinction before they were touched by even a single beam of light. It was in these darkest of nights and the deepest of depths that a Deepling would rise to face the unlight. It was Qjell who was the first, the one to stand against these vile odds. He lived as one of us, he suffered among us. He reached for the surface and brought the light, his gift, to undo the deeds of the wicked. To cleanse the deep and to wash our faces for we were to expect the twin suns. And he drove away the evil and was light incarnate. This was the time known as the First Coming. We shall await the Second Coming. And for we are given time on this world, we shall use it to erect walls and pillars, temples and towers, gardens and cities. For we shall prosper and grow to await the Coming of our God King Qjell.

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