Deep under the Sea, a Fire Feathered Serpent sleeps, but its Guardian needs help protecting their realm.


Seacrest Grounds


Chance to complete the Twenty Miles Beneath the Sea Quest and get the achievements Mind the Step! and Snake Charmer, ability to fight Renegade Quaras.

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This world change is related to the Twenty Miles Beneath the Sea Quest. One distinctive characteristic of it is that its change of states occur immediately after being triggered, and not after the next Server Save as with most World Changes.


The Seacrest Grounds can have two states, which are a reflection of the situation of the Fire-Feathered Serpent. Usually, the serpent is asleep and you will find regular Quaras, Sea Serpents and Seacrest Serpents in the Seacrest Grounds. During this stage, Guide NPCs will inform the following state:

Player: Sea Serpent
Guide NPC: The Fire-Feathered Serpent is fast asleep.

Once a number (1500?) of Seacrest Serpents are killed across the Game Worlds, the World Change will not be triggered, yet, but there will be a server-broadcast that the Serpent is being awakened:

Sleeping beneath the Oramond sea, the Fire-Feathered Serpent twitches and dreams of calling its children back.

The Guide NPCs will also give a different answer:

Player: Sea Serpent
Guide NPC: The Fire-Feathered Serpent dreams and the earth is bleeding lava.

As soon as 3000 Seacrest Serpents are killed, the World Change will be activated, and the regular Quaras, the Sea Serpents and the Seacrest Serpents will be replaced by Renegade Quaras. The following message will be broadcast to all players:

The Fire-Feathered Serpent has awoken! Renegade Quara attack the sunken lands of Oramond!

Player: Sea Serpent
Guide NPC: The Fire-Feathered Serpent is awake. Renegade Quara control the sunken regions of Oramond.

When this happens, the The Fire-Feathered Sea Serpent mission of the quest will become available. If you want to complete this mission or fight the Renegade Quara, you should hurry to the Seacrest Grounds as it usually don't last very long.

Once the mission is done and 1000 Renegade Quaras are killed, the Fire-Feathered Serpent will go back to sleep, and the world change will return to its default stage.

The Fire-Feathered Serpent goes back to sleep, beseeched by the blood of the Renegade Quara.

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