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The Ferumbras Files

The followers of Ferumbras believe that in his early career, the ambitious Ferumbras acquired access to the shrouded library of Zathroth. They disagree, however, in the details on how exactly the vile Magician managed to do this. While some claim he was the favoured of Zathroth, others argue that he breached the library's defenses and somehow stole a part of the knowledge. Even in this the specifics are debated. An intriguing variant claims, Ferumbras once was the head librarian of the shrouded hoard. Once a kind and caring man, he became more and more obsessed with the knowledge in his care and the insights he gained turned him cynical and jaded. At some point his ambitions and power became too dangerous and he was expelled from the library. The most outlandish tales even make him a physical manifestation of forbidden knowledge. The story goes that Zathroth, who obsessively accumulated knowledge, did not care about it's containment. The knowledge was powerful though that mere books could not keep it and it seeped into the library, absorbed more and more forbidden knowledge until it became sentient and created itself a physical vessel that fled the library, later becoming known as Ferumbras. Based on the the few sources available, sages of that topic suggest that Ferumbras was the descendant of a member of the brotherhood of bones that fled and got into hiding after their forces suffered a major defeat. Ferumbras was supposedly raised in secrecy and taught in the ways and secrets of the brotherhood. Since this would not explain his immense power in one way or the other, Zathroth's library seems an all too easy and convenient explanation for his stellar rise to power. Others attribute this to his bloodline, which included the likes of Goshnar and dates back to the first magician kings of Ankrahmun who unified their people against the lizard threat.