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You can get this book as soon as you accept mission 3 of the Children of the Revolution Quest.
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Tzuzak VII was known as a weak leader and for this reason the various factions in the land decided to let him live and rule. They considered him as a tool that could easily be manipulated. Moreover, it was unlikely that he would intervene in their schemes. The land was full of corruption and intrigues. Several of the ruling families were feuding each other for reasons that had been forgotten in the course of time. The great snake looked at its people with disgust as they had stopped worshipping it for the benefit of gaining profit in the mortal world. The great snake was displeased and so it let a drop of poison from its right fang fall down on the land. Just like a plague, the poison killed half of the population to teach them humility. But greed and treachery had deep roots in the civilisation, and despite the priests' warnings and prophecies, those in power continued their heathen ways, and even tried to use the punishment of the great snake to their own advantage against their enemies. And the great snake hissed in anger. And its hiss stirred the minds of the lesser creatures, and so all the soft skins and horned ones grew anxious and drew their weapons. Like a flood, this horde swarmed the lands of the lizards, killing thousands of those who had survived the plague. Instead of listening to the priests of the great snake, the lizards forgot their noble heritage and hid in fear in their cities, hoping that the ravaging horde would devastate another city.
Then the deceivers came from the north. They were only a few but full of spite and malice. They sensed the greed and treachery that now ruled all the lizard people and they saw that they had more in common than just scales. They saw an opportunity to exploit this weakness and fed upon the depravity of the society. So they maliciously decided to help the lizard people but only to lure them into enslavement. And all those blind lizards were so soaked with greed and lies that they they turned away from the great snake and began to worship the dragons. And the great snake turned its head from the lizard people of Zao and never looked back. The great snake abandoned the lizards just like the lizards had abandoned the great snake. But now some of the lizards felt a sudden emptiness and their fear grew. They felt that they had lost something vital and valuable. They suddenly saw their mistakes and the treachery of the dragons. They united to overthrow their reign. This rebellion was the last chance for the lizards to regain the favour of the great snake. This was the only chance of redemption. But after all those years of neglecting the great snake, they could not muster the faith needed to succeed. And so they failed. The vile dragons though would not allow another rebellion and bound all the lizards by dark magic to their will once and for all.

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