This book was one of the winners of the Write a Book contest. It was written by Rafikiki.

Aye. This story takes place in a town within mountains.

The town is Kazordoon.

It was dark, as always in the depths of this horrible place. The air was dusty and barely breathable. The walls made from pure iron ore, here I was in the middle of the dwarf mines.

The ground shook from up above, I had to move fast to remain unseen. I had one mission and one mission only, to find a dwarven pick axe. Ive been searching for this pickaxe for months so I could finally join the ranks of the explorerer society.

The deeper I went into the mines, the more I was less certain I would ever make it back to see the light of day.

I dropped down a hole, there it was, a dwarven pickaxe. It was all to easy, as I held it within my grip, I have finally recovered it.

Victory....... I thought.

Then from behind me, a blunt object resembling the shape of a hammer struck me in the back. I fell to my knees.

They must have seen me coming. This is an ambush.

I managed to get to my feet, as well as get a firm grip on my fire sword, I pierced through the dwarfs armor and struck him through the heart, killing him instantly.

The battle was not done yet. I used my dusty rope and climbed out of this hole, only to find a small army of dwarves who were waiting for me. I begged them to let me pass, but they would not agree.

Gripping my Sword I struck them down one by one. Until there were no more. To this day, that has been the hardest battle I have ever encountered. I did it.

I survived.

I could barely walk. with my fire sword sheathed I picked up my prize. The pickaxe.

Walking out of there, the minutes felt like days. Blood and sweat dripped onto my brow from underneath my helmet.

There it was. The light. I made it.

From out of nowhere, a crossbow bolt come whistling out of the air and pierces me through the torso. I fall to my knees. This is the end.

All I can do now is thank the gods for bringing me back. One day I will return, and reclaim what is mine.

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