A burnt out version of this book can be found in the Isle of the Kings Library and Dawnport Library.

Some of he ancients formed realms in the dreamland. They build mighty fortresses to seize control of everything that walks in the dreamland, conscious or not. It was then, when the mysterious Lord of Dreams revealed himself. His anger shook the foundation of the dreamland. Dreamers all over the world awakened screaming in fear and pain. When the void came to a rest and the first dreamwalkers returned to the dreamlands, the fortresses were gone - all of them and with them all the ancients who manned them. The Shaig'laar lost their best men in these days and never recovered from the loss. So weak, they became an easy prey for the other ancients and so the period of the first dream masters had come to an end. From this time on, all dreamwalkers manipulate the dreamland as little as possible, only as much as it is needed to fit their needs. Also they never use their power to endanger others in their dreams. Dreams are meant to be an instrument of self-finding and prophecy, not a weapon.

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