The Summer and Winter Courts need help fighting a great threat for the whole world.


The level 250 restriction was added with version 12.08 when CipSoft added the restriction to the Carnivora's Rocks.

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Find Myzzi to the northeast of Edron (she can walk around a wide area and could be anywhere north of Stonehome). Ask her about entrances, then yes.

Court of Summer

You can take the main mission of the quest from two different NPCs, the two Court Masters. Since the Court of Summer is easier to access, it's recommended to go just there now.

The Summer Court can be accessed via a portal located to the northeast of Fae Village.

Go to the north and you'll find some stairs to a lower floor (you'll encounter many Crazed Summer Rearguards and Crazed Summer Vanguards on your way). There, you'll find NPC Vanys. Ask him for a task to receive a Dream Talisman.

Note: if you misplaced your original Dream Talisman you can say lost to the NPC to receive a new one.

Court of Winter

Find the portal at Tyrsung mountain.

Find NPC Undal on the second floor of the east side, he can also give you the mission given by Vanys.

Ward Stones

After talking to one of the Court Masters you will need to find 8 Ward Stones (4 Ward Stone (Winter).gif Ice Ward Stones and Ward Stone (Summer).gif 4 Sun Ward Stones) and use your Dream Talisman.gifDream Talisman on them. The first 6 stones can be easily found and charged, but the final 2 Ward Stones will require additional missions before you can use your Talisman on them.

1. Okolnir
2. Folda (Water Elemental Cave)
3. Cormaya
4. Meriana
5. Calassa (go down here)
6. Feyrist
You charge the winter ward stone and the engraved ice crystal glows in a blue light.
You charge the summer ward stone and the engraved sun glows in a golden light.

Unsafe Release

To charge this Ward Stone, go to Tiquanda and find Andrew Lyze south of Banuta.

Repairing the Compass

Ask Andrew Lyze about materials and he will help you fixing a Broken Compass, for this he will need 50 Blue Glass Plates, 15 Green Glass Plates and 5 Violet Glass Plates which you can loot from the Carnivors in the dungeon just by him.

Note: The Broken Compass is found in The Extension Site, for more information on how to get it check The Secret Library Quest - MoTA Bursting at the Seams. You can also buy one from Andrew Lyze.

Charging the Compass

Once you have all Glass Plates, deliver them to Andrew Lyze (ask about materials) and he will trade your Broken Compass Broken Compass for a Chargeable Compass Chargeable Compass. Now, in order to charge the compass you'll need more materials: 5 Blue Crystal (Item) Blue Crystals, 3 Green Crystal Green Crystals and 1 Violet Crystal Violet Crystal and a Poison Gland Poison Gland.

Andrew Lyze will give you a Golden Axe Golden Axe which you have to use on Crystal Column (Faceted) Crystal Column (Faceted) (first floor), Green Crystal Stalagmite (Pillar) Green Crystal Stalagmites (second floor) and Red Crystals (Pillar).gifRed Crystals (third floor) to get the colored crystals. All crystals can be found on all types of columns, however, the chance to find them varies according to the column type. The Poison Gland Poison Gland can be looted from a Lucifuga Aranea that spawns on the third floor of the cave when a player walks near one of its spawn points under Andrew Lyze's bait effect. If you take longer than 10 minutes to spawn Lucifuga Aranea you will have to return to Andrew Lyze and reapply the effect for a 5,000 gold fee.

Using the Compass

Again, after getting all materials talk to Andrew Lyze (say unleash). He will charge the compass for you so it becomes a Charged Compass (Violet) violet Charged Compass. Use the Charged Compass on the Magic Portal just north of the hole down and you will be sent to a small room with a Brass-Shod Chest Brass-Shod Chest, which you should open for a valuable reward. Report back to Andrew Lyze, (say hi) and receive an update to your quest log. Make sure to enter the magic portal only once, otherwise you will have to recharge your compass with another Violet Crystal Violet Crystal and a fee of 100,000 golds.

Finally, go to the center of the third floor (here) and use the charged compass on the Ward Stone (Summer) ward stone to complete this part of the quest.

Note: Your compass will lose its charge after using it on the Ward Stone, but you can recharge it with Andrew Lyze at any time if you give him the one of the Crystals and pay 20,000 (blue), 50,000 (green) or 100,000 (violet) gold. For each type of charge you can use it on the Magic Portal again and take another reward, once every 20 hours, but this time the charge will be lost as well. The following items can be obtained from the chests:

Haunted House

Upon investigating for the eighth Ward Stone, you'll find an abandoned house in the Outlaw Camp. The NPC Stricken Soul needs help getting rid of ghosts and for that you will have to restore the connection between 3 haunted places to open the passage to the Buried Cathedral.

The 3 haunted places are connected to each other by energy portals. After restoring the portals on both sides, you can use a Green Ectoplasm, Red Ectoplasm or Blue Ectoplasm to travel between them, the color corresponding to the location you're starting from (the Ectoplasm will be consumed).


Enter the basement of the abandoned house here and talk to the Stricken Soul, say yes, yes and then your name. Now, explore the basement and go to the south-eastern room where you'll find a skeleton between many Spider Eggs, here. Use it to obtain a Strange Empty Bucket. You will have to fill it with ectoplasm. Use it on Mutated Eggs you can find all around the cave and it will slowly fill up.

Note: Not all attempts at filling will work out, you'll have to do it multiple times, from 5 to maybe 15 Mutated Eggs.
Note²: The Ectoplasm leaks through the bucket in 3, 2 or 1 minute depending on how full it is, so you can't take too long between Eggs or it will reset.

Because of the above, if you have a team, a good strategy is to start by clearing the path from the skeleton to the north, then down to the second floor and part of that area. Note that inside the square of eggs by the skeleton is a safe spot that can only be attacked by one creature at a time. It is a good place to stand on defense and clear the room.

You can use a team to keep the path clear from the south door in the lower passageway. There are four "safe" Eggs in the passage linking the two doors on this level. Start with those.

If you are doing this solo a good technique is to take the Arachnophicas down to very low red. They run at 6 health. This can be tricky and time consuming but it is worth the effort. The remaining Ripper Spectres are far less of a challenge and allow you to fill your bucket and run to the closed door that you must enter.

For a sorcerer a quick reliable method to put them in that state is to use strong runes such as SD or spells to get them to red, then stop and use a wand like the Energized Limb to move them to low red, or use Apprentices Strike. For the last touch use a Wand of Vortex to apply damage in increments of 2-6 each hit. Use the escape key to stop the attack as the creature runs away.

When you are ready to start your run begin with the four safe eggs in the lower passageway and run the southern most leg to the rope hole. There are seven eggs along that route. That should give you more than enough to collect a bucket overflowing with ectoplasm needed during a run of 30-60 seconds.

Once you come out of the rope hole you can liberally use fire bombs to suppress the Gazer Spectres. Again, you can take a position alongside the skeleton inside the egg barrier in the room where you got your bucket. Make sure to throw a firebomb against the energy covered door to keep the Gazers off you while you complete mission.

You may experience trouble in front of the door if you haven't reviewed the instructions thoroughly before attempting this task. Use the bucket on YOURSELF not on the door. Do not try to use the door. Use your arrow keys to move yourself against it.

Strange Empty Bucket + Mutated EggBucket with Some Ectoplasm + Mutated EggBucket with Ectoplasm + Mutated EggBucket Full of Ectoplasm

Once you have a Bucket Full of Ectoplasm, run back to the skeleton room, use the bucket on yourself (you will turn into a Slime) and then walk next to the closed door covered with Pure Energy to the west, here. You should be teleported inside. This part is done. (Note: you don't open the door you just walk through it to be teleported inside once you've used the bucket on yourself.)


The Haunted Temple is located north of Port Hope:

Down here you'll find many Thanatursus and Gazer Spectres. To restore the portals here you must kill Gazer Spectres and loot Golden Idols of Tukh. You'll need 4 Idols, and since they expire 10 minutes after being dropped and are a semi-rare drop you'll need to kill the Spectres quickly. After obtaining all 4 Idols, go to the north-western part of the cave and downstairs.

Go to the room west and enter it through the door south-west. In the main room there will be 4 slots to place the 4 Idols. Use the Idols on them and a red message should appear informing you about your success. You can't leave through the door anymore so you'll have to go around north.

Warning: the Vines that grow on the passage will cause damage equal to exactly half of the character's total HP if you step on them while they are growing! Move carefully and slowly, since two wrong steps in a row will get you killed. Mages can cast Magic Shield for increased safety.


The Haunted Tomb is located west of Darashia, around here:

This mission is very simple. Around the cave, you'll find several Sarcophagus covered in Ectoplasm. Upon using them, one of three things may happen:

1. Everyone in the room takes 50-600 Earth Damage and a Mummy spawns (The curse of disturbing this fragile, ancient peace is your price to pay!)

2. Everyone in the room is Cursed and a Mummy spawns (The curse of disturbing this fragile, ancient peace is your price to pay! You also triggered a trap!

3. You find a Strangely Ornamented Key Strangely Ornamented Key. You found a strangely ornamented key amongst heaps of dust, worthless trinkets and bandages.

You need to find 2 keys, and there is a 30 seconds cooldown before you can use a Sarcophagus again. Note that the Keys will vanish after 30 minutes. After getting 2 keys, go to the center of the dungeon where you'll find two Large Pillars With a Lock. Use one of the Pillars while having the Keys in your backpack to be sent to the small room to the north. Inside this room, you'll find an Onyx on a small stand. Use it to complete the mission and be sent outside again (You reach for the onyx and trigger an enormous discharge of raw energy. It is now possible to traverse the portal in this tomb.).

Buried Cathedral

Now that you have restored all portals, you can access the Buried Cathedral. To do so, go back to the Haunted Cellar under the Outlaw Camp and go to the room you accessed while being covered in ectoplasm. Enter the green Magic Forcefield here.

You'll now have to find out the 4 words of the spell guarding the place. The following route is recommended:

  1. From the entrance, go north-west then follow the path south and north again to find the stairs down. Inside a room just next to the stairs on the second floor, pick up the Acid Resistant Fishing Rod from a pile of rubbish.
  2. Walk south and go down again to the third floor. Go west and then south where there is a big acid pool. Use the Fishing Rod on it to find the first word (K'muuh).
  3. Go back to the second floor and go east to the room with water barrels. Use the barrel on the north-east corner of the room (O'kteth).
  4. Go south and then follow the hallway north until you find a statue. Use it to find the third word (N'ogalu).
  5. Go through the door east all the way to the end of the hallway, then north and back west. The fourth word is found hidden in a bed in the last room to the north.

You will receive the Achievement Tied the Knot after finding the last spell word.

The Dream Courts - Haunted House Catedral.png

After having found all for words go around the western side of the Cathedral until you find a location where you can levitate down to the main wing. After clicking the small book next to the skull in the center of the room. Use the big books there in the following order:

  1. North-west;
  2. South-east;
  3. South-west;
  4. North-east.

All chants have been sung in the right order, you are deemed worthy. You are transported away...

Doing that will send you to a room with a lever and spot for up to 5 players to fight a miniboss, the Faceless Bane. Killing it is very straightforward: initially, it will heal all damage taken. To stop its healing, step on all Iron Floors around the room. This will give you a one minute window in which you can damage the boss. Once it reaches low hp, it will summon one of each spectre, heal completely and start healing again. It will heal twice before it actually dies.

Note: After making The Faceless Bane vulnerable, you have exactly one minute to damage it. If you attack it after one minute has passed, it will recover to full health and become invulnerable, and the round will reset. A team with 2 shooters besides the blocker should be strong enough to do it. If you are soloing the boss, you probably won't have enough damage to kill it in the one minute window. In this case, make sure you stop attacking it before the 60 seconds is up (else it will heal to full), then run over the Iron Floors again so you can resume damaging it. You have 10 minutes to kill this boss before getting kicked out of the room.

After defeating the Faceless Bane, go to the Ward Stone of the Cathedral (third floor just north of the acid pool, here) and use it.

The Seven Keys

Battle recommendations:
Use Energy Damage during this fight. Energy is neutral to both types of Dreamelves.
Avoid Fire Icon.gif
Don't use Fire Damage during this fight. Summer Elves reflect Fire Damage.
Avoid Ice Icon.gif
Don't use Ice Damage during this fight. Winter Elves reflect Ice Damage.
Fire Protection Icon.gif
Equip Fire Damage Protection during this fight. On areas with Summer Elves
Ice Protection Icon.gif
Equip Ice Damage Protection during this fight. On areas with Winter Elves

Once you have charged all 8 Ward Stones, talk to Vanys or Undal to gain access to the Dream Labyrinth, which can be accessed by two different portals in the Summer and Winter Courts. In here you'll have to solve 7 puzzles to go through 7 different doors. There is no required order for most of them, however, following the map below is probably the optimal route to save time and supplies.

Before starting, make sure every party member has the following items:

Note: The Sun Fruits can also be collected from Sun Fruit Bushes Sun Fruit Bush inside the Labyrinth, however, you'll only get 2 Fruits and there is a long cooldown before the bush can be harvested again. Thus, if you need more than 2 it's recommended to loot them beforehand or during the quest.

1. Go to the Court of Summer and then pick a Colourful Mushroom Colourful Mushroom from the Tree Stump (Feyrist) outside, and the Anatomy Book Anatomy Book from a bookshelf inside. Go up to the next floor, and the go up again to the second floor. Pick up the Rosebush Rosebush (Item) from a chest by the portal.

Dream Labyrinth Map 1.png

2. Follow the path south. Use the Rosebush Rosebush (Item) on the Small Earth Heap Small Earth Heap on the floor. Go in and out the portal at the center of this room. Note that this action has a 2 minute cooldown, so if you are doing this part as a team make sure everyone can enter and exit the portal before continuing.

Dream Labyrinth Map 2.png

3. Go back north and go downstairs.

Dream Labyrinth Map 3.png

4. Take the Minotaur Skull Minotaur Skull from the chest to the north. Go west, then south and east. Use a Secret Agent tool or a Crowbar on the door to take an Old Lock Old Lock. Go back to the north towards a quest door. Use the Flask of Medusa's Ointment Flask of Medusa's Ointment on it and you should be allowed to pass. Follow the map below to the west until you find a wall. Equip a lighted Ghostsilver Lantern. The hidden door is in a wall that is 4sq from north to south at the location shown below with the blue arrow meeting the red "X". There is a 4 square grey stone lintel over the door. You click the grey stone that is third from the top. Be careful. There are a lot of creatures there. If you are not prepared to click the right location you may be overwhelmed while you try to find the right square to use. Enter and go upstairs.

Dream Labyrinth Map 4.png

5. Go west and enter the small room to take the Troll Skull Troll Skull. Now go back east, then south and east and follow the map to the small room north-east. Finish preparing your Magical Paint if you haven't done so yet and use it on the painting on the wall.

Note: This painting also works as a portal between this area and the mixed area to the south.

Dream Labyrinth Map 5.png

6. Go back the way you came from and enter the portal to the Winter Court. Go down one floor and pick up the Orc Skull Orc Skull there. Go back to the Dream Labyrinth through the portal upstairs.

Dream Labyrinth Map 6.png

7. Follow the map north-east and go down the stairs.

Dream Labyrinth Map 7.png

8. Follow the path west, then south until a quest door east. To use this door eat a Colourful Mushroom Colourful Mushroom. Continue east and then north to a room with Coffins. Use the Skulls on their respective Coffins Minotaur Skull left - Orc Skullcenter - Troll Skullright. You must have the Anatomy Book with you; go through the door. Follow the path and use the Old Lock Old Lock on the quest door. Now just follow the path south-west until you find a portal.

You will receive the Achievement Keeper of the 7 Keys after solving the last door.

Dream Labyrinth Map 8.png

9. Walk south to the center of the room where you'll find a Mosaic which is a portal to the Dream Scar.

Note: Be careful, the portal south of this small room will take you back to the Labyrinth, but it's a one-only trip and you'll have to walk back or leave if you enter it.

Dream Labyrinth Map 9.png

Doors Summary

If one of the quest doors fails for you, it means you didn't solve one of the puzzles correctly. You can check your quest log and the requirements of each door below:

1. The Door with Roses: You need a Rosebush (found near the portal of the Summer Court, here), use it on the spot with a missing plat in the Labyrinth's small garden.
2. The Invisible Door: You need a Ghostsilver Lantern Ghostsilver Lantern (from the Forgotten Knowledge Quest).
3. The Stone Door: You need a Flask of Medusa's Ointment Flask of Medusa's Ointment (from The Cursed Crystal Quest).
4. The Painted Door: You need a Magical Paint Magical Paint. Use the paint on the painting in a room north-east of the Labyrinth to complete the puzzle.
5. The Ice Bird Door: You need to eat a Colourful Mushroom Colourful Mushroom.
6. The Skull Door: You need an Anatomy Book Anatomy Book, an Orc Skull Orc Skull a Troll Skull Troll Skull and a Minotaur Skull Minotaur Skull. With the Anatomy Book in your inventory, use the tree skulls on the three coffins, each one on its matching position.
7. The Empty Door: You need an Old Lock Old Lock. Use the Old Lock on the Empty Door and you'll be able to open it.

The Dream Scar

Your goal now is to defeat some champions of the Battle Scar to gain deeper access. Each day (based on the Server Save), a different boss will be available to be fought with a team of up to 5 players. Before fighting, you must talk to one of the two Dreamelves and join their side to fight under their flag.

The following bosses can be fought in the Dream Scar, and they always appear in the following order:


Battle recommendations:
Great Fireball.gif
Use Fire Damage during this fight.
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight.
Avoid Earth Icon.gif
Don't use Earth Damage during this fight.
Earth Protection Icon.gif
Equip Earth Damage Protection during this fight.

The Dream Courts Quest - Plagueroot

Plagueroot is one of the easiest bosses of the arena. In its room, you'll initially find the boss together with 3 Plant Attendants. You will also notice that there are Focuses of Corrupted Nature Focus of Corrupted Nature around the room. You must make sure the Plant Attendants do not step on them, otherwise they will become Plant Abominations, which are stronger. If this happens, kill the Plant Abomination so it respawns as a Plant Attendant. Both summons have Earth Attacks that heal Plagueroot, so you have to keep them away from the boss. Since the Plant Attendants are weak, they can be blocked by anyone in the room.

During the fight, Plagueroot will occasionally teleport itself to another area of the room. Immediately after, it will use a strong spell in the shape of a large "+", which deals between 2000 and 3000 damage. Shooters should be specially careful with this damage, and Earth Damage protection is recommended against it. The boss also heals himself if it steps on the Focuses of Corrupted Nature, so the blocker shouldn't let this happen. Plagueroot can be easily killed with common single target attacks and mage spells, with the exception of Terra Wave, of course.

Malofur Mangrinder

Battle recommendations:
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight.
Physical Protection Icon.gif
Equip Physical Damage Protection during this fight.

Malofur Mangrinder may not be the most complex but it's certainly the most dangerous boss of the arena because of the high damage it can cause with its "BOOM" attacks. The beginning of the fight before everyone is positioned is the trickiest part. After entering the room, have the blocker lure the boss to the south-east side and trap it east of the exit teleport. It's very important that the shooters pay attention to the Whirling Blades since their attack deals up to 1700 damage. Since they cannot be killed, the shooters should position themselves in a spot that they aren't hit by their Berserk-like attacks. There is plenty of room on south-west part of the room.

Very often during the fight, Malofur Mangrinder will begin to use its "BOOM" attack, which happens in 5 steps (every 2 seconds). Each turn, the attack deals more damage and also has a bigger range (shooters should also stay far from the boss because of this). The last BOOM can hit up to 5000, and together with other boss and Blades attacks the blocker can take 6000+ damage. Thus, the knight should have Stone Skin Amulets ready to be equipped after the 3rd or 4th BOOM to lower the damage taken and gain some time to recover his health. Unless both the Knight and the Druid are high level (600+), it's extremely recommended to have 2 Druids healing the blocker in order to quickly fill his health during the BOOM attacks. Finally, note that when the boss starts using this attack it will cause all shooters to lose target, so they should pay attention to that to avoid wasting attack turns.


Battle recommendations:
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight.
Avoid Energy Icon.gif
Don't use Energy Damage during this fight.
Energy Protection Icon.gif
Equip Energy Damage Protection during this fight.

There are two points to be aware of when fighting Maxxenius:

1. Maxxenius is healed by Energy Damage, so this element shouldn't be used by players. Furthermore, there are Generators that constantly use an Energy spell around them, and the outer tiles of the room will also pulsate with an energy spell. Thus, Maxxenius must be blocked away from these fields. The north-west area of the room is ideal for that.

2. During the fight, Maxxenius will frequently transform its target in an Energy Elemental. About 10 seconds after the transformation, the player will "explode" dealing 1000-1500 energy damage around him (2 fields radius). Thus, in order to avoid healing the boss, this player should move away from it. This can be done easily if there are 2 Knights and the one that isn't transformed Challenges Maxxenius so the other one can run away. If a second Knight isn't available, a level 350+ Paladin and a mage using Magic Shield can do this as long as the team knows how to force the boss to change its target quickly.

Once you know these 2 things, killing Maxxenius is easy, one of the easiest bosses of the Dream Scar.


Battle recommendations:
Use Ice Damage during this fight. Avalanches are good against all summons.
Use Energy Damage during this fight. Sorcerers must use their spells as often as possible.
Stone Shower.gif
Use Earth Damage during this fight. Druids must use Earth Wave as often as possible.
Avoid Death Icon.gif
Don't use Death Damage during this fight.
Death Protection Icon.gif
Equip Death Damage Protection during this fight.

The Dream Courts Quest - Alptramun

Alptramun is probably the strongest arena boss, so be very careful when fighting against it. It will initially appear with several summons. These summons, when killed, will be replaced by even stronger summons, and some of the summons will also heal the boss.

The common strategy is to use a lot of AoE damage in order to constantly kill the summons and avoid them from healing the boss. The summons spawn near the center of the room and will target the closest character next to it, so the blocker should stay around this area. Sudden Death Rune must be not be used since they will heal the boss.

Due to Alptramun's frequent use of Invisibility, throwing Fire Bomb Runes on the ground are very useful to help making it visible faster. It's also recommended that the shooters spread around the room and stay distant from each other to minimize the damage and healing of Alptramun's Lifesteal.


When killing the Winter form:

Battle recommendations:
Great Fireball.gif
Use Fire Damage during this fight. Winter Izcandar is weak to Fire.
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight. SDs are a good option when single targeting.
Use Energy Damage during this fight. Thunderstorms are useful since they damage both summons
Avoid Ice Icon.gif
Don't use Ice Damage during this fight.
Ice Protection Icon.gif
Equip Ice Damage Protection during this fight.

When killing the Summer form:

Battle recommendations:
Use Ice Damage during this fight. Summer Izcandar is weak to Ice.
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight. SDs are a good option when single targeting.
Use Energy Damage during this fight. Thunderstorms are useful since they damage both summons
Avoid Fire Icon.gif
Don't use Fire Damage during this fight.
Fire Protection Icon.gif
Equip Fire Damage Protection during this fight.

Izcandar has three forms: Summer (Fire), Winter (Ice) and Banished (Neutral?). It will change forms depending on the side of the arena it is, always going through the Banished form between Summer and Winter. Since both Fire (The Heat of Summer) and Ice (The Cold of Winter) summons will constantly spawn and get healed by their element's attack, Earth, Energy, Holy and Physical damage are recommended against her.

Izcandar can be killed on either side of the arena, and the side where it dies will matter mostly because of the loot; the Winter form drops the Winterblade and the Summer form drops the Summerblade. It may be slightly easier to kill it on the Summer side (because Druids will be able to use Strong Ice Wave and Rod of Destruction), so one strategy is to take it to low health in one side and finish it on the other. Either way, you should just use area attacks (which helps kills the summons) or single target attacks on her.

The Nightmare Beast

Battle recommendations:
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight. Mages should use SDs.
Death Protection Icon.gif
Equip Death Damage Protection during this fight.
Life Drain Protection Icon.gif
Equip Life Drain Damage Protection during this fight. The Nightmare Tendrils have a Life Drain beam.

After having 5 wins at the Dream Scar you'll be allowed past a teleport found south-west of the Arena.

The final boss of the quest is The Nightmare Beast which can be fought by a team of up to 10 players. This fight requires a well coordinated team as other final bosses do.

Enlarge this image to view the recommended room positioning.

Not long after entering the room, one of the players will be Cursed and transformed into a Spectre. This curse must be removed from the player, otherwise he will be teleported out of the room after 25 seconds (15 seconds as a Spectre and then 10 seconds as a Phantasm).

To remove the curse, someone from the team must use the Dream Catcher Pole Dream Catcher Pole at the center of the room. A Dream Catcher Dream Catcher will appear in front of it. The mask must then be used on the cursed player (but it's not possible to cure yourself). When this is done, the curse will be transferred to the player that used the mask.


The Dream Courts Quest - The Nightmare Beast

Note that there are cooldowns for both actions: getting a mask and using a mask on another player. Thus, in order to succeed the players have to take turns in curing each other. The best strategy is to have 4-5 players of the team previously selected with this task with a given order. Then, the cursed player and the next player selected should always stay by the totem. In order to maximize the efficiency, you can wait until the Phantasm transformation to gain some time. The rest of the team should just focus on the boss.

There will also be several Nightmare Tendrils in the room that respawn shortly after being killed. Having a second blocker for them is the recommended strategy, but not mandatory.

After defeating the boss, report back to Undal or Vanys to complete the quest and receive the Achievement Dream Catcher.


The Dream Courts

Player: hi
Myzzi: Hello adventurer. It is good to see you.
Player: good
Myzzi: I'm just a mere messenger and I'm here to find brave adventurers that might help my friends in this time of need
Player: help
Myzzi: Lady Alivar of the Summer Court and Lord Cadion of the Winter Court are in need of brave adventurers to avert a great threat for the whole world.
Player: threat
Myzzi: I know only little and I forget so much. So many things going around my mind! ...
Myzzi: However, I can grant you access to the Courts of Summer and Winter if you promise to help! There you can meet with Undal or Vanys, the servants of Lord Cadion and Lady Alivar. They will be able to tell you more about the issue.
Player: Courts
Myzzi: There are entrances to the hidden Courts of Summer and Winter in secluded places. You can find the portal to the Winter Court high in the mountains of Tyrsung and the portal to the Summer Court in the meadows of Feyrist. ...
Myzzi: With my magic you will be able to enter the Courts. Find Undal or Vanys and talk to them.
Player: entrances
Myzzi: So, are you willing to help in this time of need?
Player: yes
Myzzi: You are a true hero! Here, take my enchantment and you will be able to pass the portals. Now hurry, my friends are waiting.
Player: bye
Myzzi: Goodbye, Player.

The Dream Courts Quest

Court of Summer

Player: hi
Vanys: Greetings hero. I guess you came to talk.
Player: task
Vanys: You have to empower eight ward stones. Once charged with arcane energy, they will strengthen the Nightmare Beast's prison and at the same time weaken this terrible creature. We know about the specific location of six of those stones. ...
Vanys: You can find them in the mountains of the island Okolnir, in a water elemental cave beneath Folda, in the depths of Calassa, in the forests of Feyrist and on the islands Meriana and Cormaya. ...
Vanys: The location of the other two ward stones is a bit more obscure, however. We are not completely sure where they are. You should make inquiries at an abandoned house in the Plains of Havoc. You may find it east of an outlaw camp. ...
Vanys: The other stone seems to be somewhere in Tiquanda. Search for a small stone building south-west of Banuta. Take this talisman to empower the ward stones. It will work with the six stones at the known locations. ...
Vanys: However, the empowering of the two hidden stones could be a bit more complicated. But you have to find out on yourself what to do with those stones.

The Dream Courts Quest

Court of Winter

Player: hi

The Dream Courts Quest

Unsafe Release

Player: hi
Andrew Lyze: Hello, I am the warden of this monument. The sarcophagus in front of you was established to prevent people from going down there. But I doubt that this step is sufficient.
Player: monument
Andrew Lyze: Well, a while ago powerful magic devices were used all around Tibia. These are chargeable compasses. There was but one problem: they offered the possibility to make people rich in a quite easy way. ...
Andrew Lyze: Therefore, these instruments were very coveted. People tried to get their hands on them at all costs. And so it happened what everybody feared - bloody battles forged ahead. ...
Andrew Lyze: To put an end to these cruel escalations, eventually all of the devices were collected and destroyed. The remains were buried deep in the earth.
Player: deep
Andrew Lyze: As far as I know it is a place of helish heat with bloodthirsty monsters of all kinds.
Player: sarcophagus
Andrew Lyze: This sarcophagus seals the entrance to the caves down there. Only here you can get all the materials you need for a working compass of this kind. So no entrance here - no further magic compasses in Tibia. In theory.
Player: materials
Andrew Lyze: Only in the cave down there you will find the materials you need to repair the compass. Now you know why the entrance is sealed. There's the seal, but I have a deal for you: ...
Andrew Lyze: I can repair the compass for you if you deliver what I need. Besides the broken compass you have to bring me the following materials: 50 blue glas plates, 15 green glas plates and 5 violet glas plates. ...
Andrew Lyze: They all can be found in this closed cave in front of you. I should have destroyed this seal key but things have changed. The entrance is opened now, go down and do what has to be done.
Player: compass
Andrew Lyze: It was decided to collect all of the compasses, destroy them and throw them in the fiery depths of Tibia. I still have some of them here. I sell them for a low price if you want.
Player: sell
Andrew Lyze: Would you like to buy a broken compass for 10.000 gold?
Player: yes
Andrew Lyze: Here's your broken compass! Player: down
Andrew Lyze: On first glance, this cave does not look very spectacular, but the things you find in there, are. You have to know that this is the only place where you can find the respective materials to build the compass.

The Dream Courts Quest

Player: hi
Andrew Lyze: Well, let's see if your mission was successful. Just bring me all needed materials.
Player: materials
Andrew Lyze: May I repair your compass if possible?
Player: yes
Andrew Lyze: Alright, I put the glasses into the right pattern and can repair the compass. ...
Andrew Lyze: There we are! The next step is the charging of the compass. For this you have to dig three different crystals down there: 5 blue, 3 green and one violet crystal. Are you ready to do that?
Player: yes
Andrew Lyze: Nice! To do so, take this golden axe and mine the prominent crystals in the cave. Besides, I need a poison gland of quite rare spiders, they are called lucifuga araneae. ...
Andrew Lyze: These are quite shy, but I have a bait for you to lure them. But take care not to face too many of them at once. And hurry, the effect won't last forever!

The Dream Courts Quest

Player: hi
Andrew Lyze: If you dug up all three crystals of sufficient quantity and obtained the poison gland, the charging of your compass can start! For the very first time it will be charged by the violet crystal. Ready to unleash the power of the crystals?
Player: unleash
Andrew Lyze: I put these crystals onto the top of compass. As you can see, the compass is now pulsating in a warm, violet colour. ...
Andrew Lyze: Now this compass is ready for usage. It can transfer the bound energy to other inanimate objects to open certain gates or chests.

The Dream Courts Quest

Haunted House

Player: hi
Stricken Soul: This place is... haunted... heed my warning... there are... ghooooooosts here...! Why are you giving me that... look? I am certain, there aaaaaaare ghosts here - I've seen them! Do you believe me?
Player: yes
Stricken Soul: Yeeeees... you need to help meeeeeee. I want those ghosts gone... this is my home and I need it to teach my students. Will you take care of the... ghosts?
Player: yes
Stricken Soul: Excellent... I hope they will haaaaaaunt my house no longer. What was your... naaaaaame again, tell me?
Player: Player
Stricken Soul: Ah yeeeeees, <player>... I will remember you. Now, lessons are every day in the morning and once a week in the evening... ...
Stricken Soul: Oh, you're not here for this, are you? So about the ghoooosts, yes. You seeeee, there are 3 secret passages here. ...
Stricken Soul: Thiiiiis is no ordinary house... it is a nexus, a gateway to a once hidden cathedral. Sheltering a small and peaceful society of scholars and monks. Secluded from every distraction. ...
Stricken Soul: I was one of them and ordered to hold contact to the outside woooorld. But then, something... happened. ...
Stricken Soul: Outsiders managed to sneak in, infiltrate and influence the society... for the worse. Who knows for what ends. They chaaaaanged... ...
Stricken Soul: Shortly after, contact was lost... the nexus broken and sealed, ghosts appeared... eeeeeeeverywhere. ...
Stricken Soul: Find the three passages... one is right here in the cellars, one in the jungles of Tiquanda and one in the deserts of Darama. ...
Stricken Soul: Restore their connection and open this nexus to access the buried cathedral and find the cause to this... eliminate all remainders there if you must, Player.

The Dream Courts Quest

The Seven Keys

Player: hi
Vanys: Greetings hero. I guess you came to talk.
Player: task
Vanys: You empowered all eight ward stones. Well done! You may now enter the Dream Labyrinth via the portal here in the Court. Beneath it you will find the Nightmare Beast's lair. But the labyrinth is protected by seven so called Dream Doors. ...
Vanys: You have to find the Seven Keys to unlock the Seven Dream Doors down there. Only then you will be able to enter the Nightmare Beast's lair.
Player: Keys
Vanys: They are not literally keys but rather puzzles you have to solve or a secret mechanism you have to discover in order to open the Dream Doors. A parchment in the chest here can tell you more about it.

The Dream Courts Quest