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The Djinn Wars V - Fa'hradin's Trick

Even though many djinns had lost their lives during the fateful battle of Ankrahmun, the war was still undecided. Malor had lost many of his bravest warriors, but so had Gabel, and they both knew that another epic battle like that would bring the whole djinn race to the brink of destruction. In his desperation, Gabel turned to his trusted friend Fa'Hradin for advice. The old djinn suggested using a trick to eliminate Malor. Without their leader, he reasoned, the Efreet would end the rebellion. Gabel, who wanted to avoid further bloodshed, agreed. And so it came to pass that the magic lamp was created and, by means that are unknown to this very day, secretly placed in Malor's private chamber. The mighty Efreet never had a chance. When he went to sleep in what he thought was his private lamp he was trapped inside the lamp, which was soon enough smuggled out of Mal'Ouquah, the Efreets' fortress, and brought back to the Marid. Fa'hradin's trick had worked - Malor was Gabel's prisoner.

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