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The Djinn Wars VI - A War in Suspension

With Malor imprisoned, many Marid hoped that peace would finally come. Gabel immediately contacted the Efreet to let them know their leader was his prisoner, but his hopes that the rebellion would collapse without Malor were disappointed. The Efreet hated their Marid cousins too much to yield, and so the war continued. Nonetheless, both sides tried to avoid open conflicts, so there was next to no combat action for a long, long time. In fact, both the Marid and the Efreet planned to wait until their ranks would be replenished. But the losses they had suffered were great, and the djinns are not a fertile race. Century upon century passed and still their numbers had increased little. And while elsewhere the human race rose to power, building beautiful cities and establishing powerful empires, the djnn lived quiet in their remote fortresses. Malor, however, remained imprisoned in Fa'hradin's lamp, oblivious to the strange land his guardians had taken him.

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