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The Djinn Wars VII - Malor's Liberation

Gabel had decided to hide Fa'hradin's lamp and its powerful prisoner in a forlorn place far to the north because he thought it would be safer there than in Ashta'daramai, his own fortress. Little did he know that these were very the lands where many centuries later a race of goblinoid barbarians called the orcs chose to erect a mighty fortress. One fateful day the lamp was found and brought to the orc king. It did not take the king's shamans long to work out that a mighty spirit was caught in the lamp, and soon enough the reckless king released the mighty djinn that had lain dormant for so many centuries. Little is known about what happened next, but even though to this day the orcs claim their king is still alive there are no credible witnesses who confirm that they have seen the orc king ever since. Malor, however, freely roams the world again, and many scholars agree that he will try every trick in the book to rekindle the fire of the djinn war.

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