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The Djinn Wars I - The Insurrection

For a long time Malor had plotted and schemed in secrecy, using promises and threats to recruit followers and to form alliances. Many djinn refused to betray Gabel, but the majority of the strongest djinn warriors rallied to his cause, and since Malor had been plotting his insurrection for a long time the rebels were well-prepared. When Malor finally gave the signal his minions attacked the palace in full force, planning to kill Gabel swiftly. Their attack was deadly effective, and the palace guards were quickly overwhelmed. However, Gabel, who had received warning about the conspiracy was saved in time by his trusted aide and friend Fa'hradin. He managed to flee in the darkness, and that very night he started to gather his troops in order to take revenge on the usurper. Malor, on the other hand, had to acknowledge that his plan to get rid of Gabel quickly had failed. And he ordered his followers to prepare for a long-term military engagement. Neither he nor Gabel realised then that this was the starting point for a war that would last for eons.

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