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The Djnn Wars IV - Drefia's Fall

After the disastrous battle of Ankrahmun Drefia's necromancers knew the end was near. The Marid would never forgive them their treachery, and this would be a battle the necromancers could not win - after all, many of them had already perished in the battle of Ankrahmun, and their Efreet allies could provide no assistance. So the necromancers prepared for the inevitable with the defiant cynicism of those who have been familiar with death all their lives, performing evil rituals and indulging in morbid orgies.

Finally, the end came swifter than they expected. Unwilling to take any risks in the unpredictable halls and passageways of Drefia's dungeons, the Marid performed a fearsome ritual. The tortured earth underneath Drefia started moving like a giant whirlpool, and slowly the unholy city was pulled inside the maelstrom. Within half an hour it was gone completely, and all but the highest buildings were completely covered by sand and by rubble. None of its inhabitants have ever been seen again, but rumour has it that deep beneath the surface the unholy city is still intact, brooding like a vengeful animal in its prison.

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