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The Djinn Wars III - The Great Battle, Pt. 1

At last, Malor prepared for a decisive strike. He sent a messenger to Gabel and challenged him to a personal duel. Gabel, who was prepared to do anything to stop the fratricidal war, accepted the challenge. The enemies agreed to meet in the fertile plains of Kha'labal. There they stood, face to face, the old king and the usurper, and so did their armies, because neither of two was gullible or foolish enough to come on his own. It was the greatest gathering of djinns in recorded history.

Eventually Gabel stepped forward to meet his opponent. This was the moment Malor, who had never intended to fight honourably, had been waiting for. All of a sudden the earth opened in a thousand places, and hordes of vicious undead attacked Gabel and his army. For Malor had secretly formed an alliance with the dreaded necromancers of Drefia and it was them who controlled the undead hordes that fought for him. Faced with an overwhelming enemy, Gabel and his army turned to flee.

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