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The Djinn Wars III - The Great Battle, Pt. 4

The fire, now entirely out of control, turned northwards, driven by a gently breeze coming from the south. Its devastating flames fed on plants and animals alike, and as the inferno slowly spread to the north the Kha'labal was scorched and marred forever by the magical flame.

Thus, the great battle was won by the allied armies of the Marid and the humans. However, for the winners there was little left to feel triumphant about. The losses had been great on both sides, and the Kha'labal, that beautiful garden given to the humans by the gods, had been turned into a barren, hostile desert. Also, the destruction cause the fire had allowed many Efreet to escape, so it seemed unlikely that the war would end now. However, for the time being Malor and his troops were much too weak to pose a serious military threat, so Gabel decided to abandon pursue. Instead he ordered that his army should move northwards towards Drefia. It seemed time to settle old scores.

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