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The Djinn Wars III - The Great Battle, Pt. 2

A number of Marid was caught and slaughtered on the spot, but much to Malor's disappointment the majority of Gabel's troops managed to escape southwards in what appeared to be a well-planned strategic withdrawal. And how much greater was his surprise to find that the Marid fled to the city of Ankrahmun where they appeared were expected! It was then that he realised that Gabel had suspected a ruse all along, and that he had prepared a counterstrategy. Malor immediately ordered his troops to abandon pursuit, but it was too late. The undead marched against Ankrahmun with all the determination of a mindless killing machine, and the Efreet, blinded by rage, did not lag behind, only to be met by ceaseless barrages of arrows and catapult stones. A cataclysmic battle ensued. Wave after wave of undead and Efreet stormed against Ankrahmun, and wave after wave broke at the huge fortifications of the ancient city. Both the Marid and the humans were well-prepared for this battle, and even though Malor's army wreaked havoc they never yielded.

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