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The Djinn Wars III - The Great Battle, Pt. 3

At last even Baa'leal, who led the Efreet in battle, had to admit that the Marid and their despised human allies fought valiantly. However, despite the heavy losses he was determined to decide the war there and now. He summoned the most powerful Efreet wizards and ordered them to unleash a huge column of magic fire onto Ankrahmun in order to render the city and all those in it to cinders. The Efreet wizards' followed his orders and soon a wall of devastating fire rose up to the sky. However, when they tried to move it onto Ankrahmun they soon realised that it did not move into the desired direction. The Marid had soon seen through Baa'leals plan, and Fa'hradin and his fellow Marid mages used their own magic to turn the devastating flames against their creators. A fierce battle of wills ensued between the mages from both sides, and the whole battle came to a halt when the two armies watched in horrified fascination as the terrible pile of flames wandered seemingly undecided to and fro. But then, all of a sudden, the pile made a sudden leap to the north, and within seconds those who had summoned it from the sky were reduced to smouldering ashes. That was the turning point of the great battle.

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