An old myth, nearly buried by the sands of time has been discovered by brave adventurers who ventured themselves through the complicated Desert Dungeon, and found its secret.


Deep below the Jakundaf Desert.


Slimes. If you go the wrong way, you might find Fire Devils, Orc Berserkers, and Bonelords among other creatures.

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Required Equipment


  • Most players will want the short path. If you are instead interested in the full quest, which is entirely optional and leads to the same goal, see long path.
  • You can do this quest infinite times, but receive rewards only once. You can help other teams (i.e. as one of their vocations) as much as you like but you won't be rewarded for it.
  • The desert dungeon is large and can confuse inexperienced players. In addition, there are some holes which do not have a corresponding rope hole - you will need to be roped and you may not even return to your team. Read the instructions carefully and don't go down any holes unless explicitly told to.
  • If, for some reason, your team cannot complete the quest, the only exit is the teleport next to the Gate of Expertise, which leads to Adrenius.
  • You will need 43.5 free capacity to carry the reward.
  • The stairs leading outside from the reward room do not have a staircase back in. If you leave you will be locked out and unable to re-enter unless you redo the quest.
  • The desert quest is a common target for player killers on PvP servers. However, the reward room as well as the steps outside of it are Protection Zones, you will not get killed unless you walk off these steps.

Short path

With one of each vocation in your party, go to the Jakundaf Desert between Venore and Thais. Open the Loose Stone Pile in the middle of the desert (here) and drop down. Go down 4 more times to reach a floor with Spiders. On this floor you might encounter Fire Devils and Bonelords, but if you take the correct path you won't. Go north and turn east as soon as you can, and then follow the cave south to find the next ladder up. Go up the ladder and west to find another ladder (do not go down the hole to the south with the Warning Sign). Go south and up the ladder. Now go east and then north to find a hole, but do not go down. Go east and north again and follow the path to find the final ladder. You may encounter a Slime on this floor.

Now enter the level 20 Gate of Expertise to arrive at the vocation room.

Desert Dungeon Quest Vocation Room

Sorcerers: place the Spellbook on the east basin and then step on the tile.
Knights: place the Sword on the south basin and then step on the tile.
Druids: place the Red Apple on the west basin and then step on the tile.
Paladins: place the Crossbow on the north basin and then step on the tile. When everyone is ready, pull the lever in front of you.

Your team must place their vocation items on the basin before stepping on the switch tile. The switch will be pressed when it is done properly. If the switch tile is not pressed, you either didn't place the correct item or moved on the tile before doing so. Ensure the correct item is on the basins before moving off and back on the switch tile.

When all the switches are pressed, the Paladin must pull the Lever in front of his tile. All 4 players will be teleported to the reward room.

There are 2 reward chests: one to the west and one to the east. One of them contains 100 Platinum Coins, the other contains a Green Bag with with a Protection Amulet, a Magic Light Wand, a Ring of Healing, and an Ankh.

Platinum Coin.gif

Now go north and up the Stairs to leave the cave. You will arrive back in the Jakundaf Desert.

Long Path

  • Enter the Desert Dungeon and find Hagor. Ask him about Morrin and give him a Roll. You will receive Key 4022.
  • Go here and open the door using Key 4022. Get Key 4009 from the chest.
  • Open here with the key you got and enter the library. Search and read the books "Dangers of Adventures" of the author Netlios.
  • Now you need that someone stands on a floor switch at the library. Go here (if the other character is standing at the switch in the library, the path won't be blocked) and search for the missing book.
  • Search for Adrenius at the surface of the desert and ask about Netlios. Give him 500 gp and he will start a test, wich all the answers can be found at Netlios' books "Dangers of Adventures". If you pass the test you will earn the Key 4023.
  • Get 4 players of each vocation, then go here and open the door with the key you got from Adrenius. Each player must enter the respective teleporter and face 2 creatures (Orc Berserkers for Knight, Minotaur Archers for Paladin, Fire Devils for Sorcerer and Bears for Druid). There will be signs telling about the items needed for the next step. With your team, exit the dungeon and get these items.
  • Follow the path to the reward room. Now the team must place the items at the correct place and pull the lever. This will teleport all four players to the reward room.


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