Property Value
Est. Length
Quest Log Tibia Tales
Level 0
(90 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 10.7
December 12, 2014
Status Active


Strange things started happening after the pirates of Nargor began mining crystals in a cursed cave...


Crystal Gardens near Nargor.



You can complete this task daily.

First, make sure you have the required items listed above. In order to obtain the Molten Wax, you must use a Honeycomb on Eclesius's Oven. The other items can be looted from creatures. Note that you only need 1 Molten Wax, as you do not lose it when it's used.

Travel to Nargor and walk to One-Eyed Joe, who is located here. You will meet 2 Tarantulas, 6 Slimes, Smugglers, Pirate Marauders and a Pirate Cutthroat. Ask One-Eyed Joe about crystals, about the cursed entrance, asking for more information with yes. She will ask if you will attempt destroying the crystal. Accept the mission with yes. In case you brought a honeycomb instead of molten wax, you need to use it on an oven, you can find one here.

You will meet Pirate Marauders, Pirate Cutthroats and Pirate Buccaneers. Go down the ladder next to One-Eyed Joe and head west, turning south when the cave splits. At the end of the path you will find a Wooden Grinder, here. Use the Green Crystal Splinter on the Wooden Grinder to obtain a Pinch of Crystal Dust. Go back to where you came from but instead of going up the ladder, go down to the next floor, here.

Show Text
Sheet of Paper You read the following.
I did it! I reached the crystal gardens! What beauty and splendor I have seen down there. Even more: I discovered a small subterranean lake - but Harry was there before me. And he did something strange: He ringed a small, transparent looking bell and immediatly a big whirl appeared in the water. I suppose this is the mysterious way deeper into the caves we sought after for so long. But Harry, the coward, didn't dare to dive into the water. Instead he left the caverns and heeded back to the surface. I have to go after him tomorrow. I must have this bell!

(optional) You will meet Pirate Cutthroats, Pirate Skeletons, Pirate Marauders and Pirate Ghosts. Go west and turn north at the intersection, and then turn west again. Follow the cave south until you find a Pile of Bones (Quest) on the left side of the cave, here. Search the pile of bones for a Paper. Now backtrack to the ladder.

Go south from the ladder and follow the cave until you find a Pile of Bones (Quest) on the west side of a large room, here. Search the pile of bones for a Small Crystal Bell. Go down the ramp in the same room, you will meet ~ 3 Pirate Skeletons, 2 Crystalcrushers, 1 Wyvern and 2 Crystal Spiders. Go south-west from the ramp until you find a Large Crystal Teleporter (Berg), here with a Pirate Flag (Banner) next to it saying "Beware! Dangerous monsters down here!" Enter the teleporter and you will appear one floor down here. You will meet 2 Crystalcrushers, and possible Water Elementals and a Drillworm. Go north-east to find a Bloodstained Crystal. When you approach it you will receive a server message:

This small room could once have been a shrine of some kind. You discover an old inscription between two ornate stone walls.
The text is partly crumbled: 'Take ... vial of emb... fl... and mix ... a medusa's bl.... Then .. the dust of ... crystal, so ... will get the Medusa's Ointm... powerful ... able to unpetrify ...

Use the Bloodstained Crystal to obtain a Vial of Medusa Blood. Now we can perform the mixture.

You mixed the first ingredients to create a special ointment. But it isn't complete yet.
You mixed the proper ingredients to create a special ointment. With this salve you may unpetrify a petrified object.

Go back through the Large Crystal Teleporter (Berg) and head west. You will meet Crystalcrushers, Crystal Spiders, Wyverns and Water Elementals. Follow the cave north-west until it turns south-west. Go south-west until you reach a room with a pond. Use the Small Crystal Bell to reveal a Water Vortex in the center of the pond, here.

As you use the small bell an unearthly sound rings out sweetly. At the same moment, the lake's waters begin to whirl.

Go through the Water Vortex to arrive in a room with many Black Crystals, one floor down, here. You will meet 1 Crystalcrusher, ~5 Crystal Spiders and 1 Frost Dragon. In the middle of the large crystal formation is a Large Black Crystal. Use the Molten Wax on yourself to protect your ears, and then shatter the large crystal by using the Flask of Medusa's Ointment on the Petrified Scream.

You unpetrify a banshee's scream near the evil crystal, your ears protected by wax. Thus the baleful artefact is destroyed.

Now we are done and can report back to One-Eyed Joe. Go down the hole left of the crystal (here) and head north-east, you will meet 4 Crystalcrushers. Enter the Large Crystal Teleporter (Berg) (here) to appear in a small empty room, here. Enter another Large Crystal Teleporter (Berg) to appear north-east of the pond you dived into, here. Now follow the cave south-east, continuing north-east when it curves. Go up the ramp, here. You will meet the same creatures as on the way to the pond.

Go west and follow the cave until you reach the Ladder. Go up the ladder and up another ladder to reach the NPC One-Eyed Joe. Greet the NPC with hi and your quest will be completed. You will receive a Crystal Shard and one of the following:

You will also earn the achievement Wail of the Banshee.


Player: hi
One-Eyed Joe: Hello there. I'm sorry, I hardly noticed you. I'm a bit nervous. The spooky sounds down there, you know.
Player: crystals
One-Eyed Joe: In my humble opinion a pirate should win a fortune by boarding ships, not by crawling through caves and tunnels. But who am I to bring into question the captain's decision. All I know is that they sell the crystals at a high price. ...
One-Eyed Joe: A certain amount of the crystals is ground to crystal dust with a special kind of mill. Don't ask me why. Some kind of magical component perhaps that they sell to mages and sorcerers.
Player: cursed
One-Eyed Joe: As for myself I haven't been down there. But I heard some disturbing rumours. In these caves are wonderful crystal formations. Some more poetically inclined fellows call them the crystal gardens. ...
One-Eyed Joe: At first glance it seems to be a beautiful - and precious - surrounding. But in truth, deep down in these caverns exists an old evil. Want to hear more?
Player: yes
One-Eyed Joe: The evil I mentioned is a strange crystal, imbued with some kind of unholy energy. It is very hard to destroy, no weapon is able to shatter the thing. Maybe a jarring, very loud sound could destroy it. ...
One-Eyed Joe: I heard of creatures, that are able to utter ear-splitting sounds. Don't remember the name, though. Would you go down there and try to destroy the crystal?
Player: yes
One-Eyed Joe: Great! Good luck and be careful down there!

Player: hi
One-Eyed Joe: Well done! Take this reward for your efforts. But know this: The cursed crystal seems to regenerate over time. It could be necessary to come back and repeat whatever you have done down there.

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