It's a fragment from chapter V of the Genesis.


The elder gods looked at what had happened to their world, and their hearts filled with sorrow and resentment. They knew that if they did not act now Tibia would be destined to become a grave, and so they started looking for a solution. Eventually they agreed to try to create a sentient race of their own, a race that would be strong enough to take up the fight against the hordes that ravaged their beloved world. And so they created a race and sent it into Tibia. But alas! Urgith's minions were too strong. Their race was defeated within a generation, and it was wiped from the face of Tibia. So Uman and Fardos created race after race, and race after race was overwhelmed by the vicious abominations that Urgith had released into the world. Most of these races disappeared from the face of Tibia forever, leaving little but melancholy legends and mysterious ruins. Today, this sad era which is commonly known as the Corpse War is largely shrouded in mystery, and the unfortunate races that were destroyed in it are now referred to as the Ancients.


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