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And so the conspirators met again in secrecy to plot the pharaoh's fall.

This time their target was to be their former leader and fellow conspirator, Arkhotep.
They met in an abandoned crypt they believed to be forgotten and unknown to Arkhotep.
And once again, all were there. Once again, the seven were united.

Morguthis, the never-defeated general. A lethal and merciless warrior consumed by irrepressible rage.
The vain Vashresamun, the pharaoh's notorious concubine burning to avenge her hurt pride.
Mahardis the mage, a pyromaniacal madman who fooled the princes of elemental fire to steal the secrets of the flame.
Diptrah the high priest, master of the mind, wielder of secret powers, keeper of the oldest of rituals.
Rahemos, the greatest conjurer of his time. He recklessly summoned unspeakable abominations and made them do his bidding.
Thalas, the foremost alchemist, master of poison, death and decay. Chief tormentor of the realm. His ghastly experiments cost the lives of countless unfortunate victims.
And Omruc, the dreaded hunter and assassin. None of his victims ever saw it coming, and none of them ever escaped.

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