A contest between three wizards has spread across all Tibia so that mysterious letters with coloured powders can now be found everywhere. Choose your wizard and make your friends join your cause - what is your true color?


All over tibia


Creatures who drop Envelope from the Wizards.


One week of benefits depending on the winning wizard as well as the possibility of obtaining Zaoan Chess Pieces. I Did My Part and True Colours achievements.

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This world quest starts every six months beginning March, from the 15th to the 23rd.

  • March 15 – March 23
  • September 15 – September 23

Required Equipment


Colors of Magic.jpg
The three wizards Furb of Fun, Feiz of Power and Fern of Nature have started a contest to see who is most popular among Tibians and gets the most followers in 8 days. Furb stands for orange, Feiz for violet and Fern for green.

During this event, a variety of monsters will drop envelopes from the wizards. The envelope contains one of three powders - Strange Red Powder, Strange Blue Powder or Strange Yellow Powder. Loot these until you receive a powder corresponding to the wizard of your choice.

The envelopes also contain a Letter from the Wizards. Read more about the world event from this letter:

Be careful adventurer as you can use the magic powder in this envelope on your self only once!
By taking part in this event, you will also collect bonus points to exchange for personal rewards at each wizard's fan.
Use this coloured powder if you made your decision and you will be marked with the colour you have chosen.
Combine the remaining powder with another player who marked himself with a different colour to join one of the three wizards.
You can join the orange wizard Furb of fun, the violet wizard Feiz of power or the green wizard Fern of nature.
Each wizard has a different character and will reward the world in his very own way.

Each of the wizards has a representative NPC. These can be found in the popular towns of Carlin, Thais and Venore.

  • Nathaniel Nature lover Nathaniel can be found in Venore, near the boat (here). He represents Fern of Nature (green).
  • Friedolin Funny chap Friedolin will wait for you in Carlin, near the depot (here). He represents Furb of Fun (orange).
  • Paulette The powerful lady Paulette can be met in Thais, near the knight's guild (here). She represents Feiz of Power (violet).

They will inform you about the colour you have, the colours with which you can mix and the wizard you have chosen (if any). They can also tell you the status of the event, who is in the lead and who is in second place. If you have chosen the wizard they represent, they will also give you your free Zaoan Chess Box and allow you to spend bonus points on Zaoan Chess Pieces you earned by participating in the event. (If you have received a Chess Box in this event at another time, you will not get a new one)

Once you are marked with a colour, you need to find another player who is marked with a different colour and use your remaining powder on him or be used on by his remaining powder.

Once a player both uses a full powder, and the remaining powder on another player, that player joins the wizard of the colours combined. If they hadn't already received it, they will also receive the achievement I Did My Part.

The Colours of Magic.png
Diagram showing the rules of the event.
Colours Blue Red Yellow
Blue -- Purple Green
Red Purple -- Orange
Yellow Green Orange --

However, there are rules that must be accounted for in order to tag another player with powder:

  • They must have used a powder themselves.
  • The players cannot share colours.
  • The player cannot have sided with a wizard already (this also means two people cannot be 'partners', you must chain them in a larger group)


  • Player A uses the Strange Red Powder.gif red powder and marks himself red.
  • Player B uses the Strange Yellow Powder.gifyellow powder and marks himself yellow.
  • Red Player A uses the remaining powder on the yellow player B and thus, paints player B orange - the red player A now joins the orange wizard (1 point is added to the orange wizard counter) and cannot join any other wizard.
  • The yellow player B who was painted orange by the red player A cannot be used/painted by other players anymore to help them join a wizard.
  • Player B cannot use his powder on player A either, he must find another player to use his remaining powder on. This can be either a blue coloured player (player B will join the green wizard) or red (player B will join the orange wizard). It cannot, however, be someone coloured orange, purple or green.


The simplest way to collect votes for a specific wizard is as follows. Let's assume you want to vote orange with as many people as possible. Have 1 character use a yellow powder without marking another player. Then, all other characters in your game world can use a red powder and tag that same yellow player. Every tag counts as a vote for orange. This works because as long as the yellow player doesn't mark any other player, there is no limit to the number of players that can mark them.

To speed up the process, ask a friend to help you and do the same thing simultaneously with two separate characters: a yellow player and a red player. That way people both red powder and yellow powder can be used to vote, as long as it's used on the correct character. Placing both characters in a crowded place like Thais depot, and yelling/advertising your availability can help to quickly find lots of players who could vote.


At the end of the event, the winning wizard will grant bonuses to the entire server:

P1 P2 Result Wizard Reward
Strange Red Powder.gifRed Strange Blue Powder.gifBlue Violet Feiz of Power The boosts from Berserk Potions and Bullseye Potions increase to +7 (+2), while the negative effects to shielding will decrease to -8 (+2). The majority of spellcaster creatures such as ice witches or draken spellweavers, for example, will give 25% more experience points. List of monsters affected by experience boost:
Strange Blue Powder.gifBlue Strange Yellow Powder.gifYellow Green Fern of Nature The regeneration from mana and health potions will be increased by 10%.
Strange Yellow Powder.gifYellow Strange Red Powder.gifRed Orange Furb of Fun The shared experience bonus in party mode will be raised by 30%. Festive items will drop from the creatures which dropped the envelopes (Fireworks Rockets, Party Trumpets, Snowballs and Party Hats). The chance to successfully sculpt Ice Mammoths and Beautiful Marble Statues increased by 900% (multiplied by 10).

Bonus Points

At the representative of the wizard you chose, you can use the bonus points you have earned to purchase or gamble for Zaoan Chess Pieces. For 5 bonus points you can get any random piece (with the queen being rare?), for 20 bonus points you can get any specific piece (except for the queens), and for 60 bonus points you can get either of the queens.

  • When you join a wizard, you gain 10 bonus points.
  • When you tag someone else with a powder, you gain 10 bonus points.
  • When you hand ("Exchange") in 5 powders favoring your wizard to the wizard's representative you gain 1 bonus point. You can only do this 10 times (10 points).

Thus, there is a maximum of 30 bonus points per character per event.

Obtaining random Zaoan Chess Pieces, 734 trials.

Tries to get 1
Jade Zaoan Pawn.gif Jade Zaoan Pawn 115 15.67% 7
Obsidian Zaoan Pawn.gif Obsidian Zaoan Pawn 112 15.26% 7
Obsidian Zaoan Rook.gif Obsidian Zaoan Rook 97 13.22% 8
Jade Zaoan Rook.gif Jade Zaoan Rook 97 13.22% 8
Jade Zaoan Knight.gif Jade Zaoan Knight 71 9.67% 11
Obsidian Zaoan Knight.gif Obsidian Zaoan Knight 63 8.58% 12
Jade Zaoan Bishop.gif Jade Zaoan Bishop 54 7.36% 14
Obsidian Zaoan King.gif Obsidian Zaoan King 42 5.72% 18
Obsidian Zaoan Bishop.gif Obsidian Zaoan Bishop 40 5.45% 19
Jade Zaoan King.gif Jade Zaoan King 28 3.81% 27
Jade Zaoan Queen.gif Jade Zaoan Queen 8 1.09% 92
Obsidian Zaoan Queen.gif Obsidian Zaoan Queen 7 0.95% 105