Brown Book is found in Mal'ouquah Library, Blue Book is found in Ashta'daramai Library.

The Chronicles of Daraman II

Gabel was curious about the strange human who did not seem to know pain or fear. He approached him and asked him if he did not feel any pain. Daraman answered that the pain of the body was nothing compared to the pain of the soul. So Gabel asked Daraman if he was not afraid. And the prophet said the famous words: "The fear of death is but a trifle compared to the fear of life." So Gabel, who was more and more intrigued by the human, asked him whether he did not care at all about his life? Daraman just looked into the mighty djinn king's eyes, and a brief smile shone on his lips. And after a long pause he spoke thus: "I am an old man and I have but little to lose, mylord. But your race has much to gain, for it lives in darkness." When he said those words many djinns were outraged by the human's apparent lack of respect. And if Gabel had not stopped them the prophet would have been killed on spot.

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