Brown Book is found in Mal'ouquah Library, Blue Book is found in Ashta'daramai Library.

The Chronicles of Daraman III

And so it came to pass that Gabel, the mighty king of the djinns, took interest in Daraman. Here was something that he, who had seen so many things, could simply not understand, and he was determined to find out more about it. In the beginning he was still convinced that the prophet, like all other humans, was driven by a secret weakness, and he tried to use many other temptations to test the prophet. He clad the old man in silk and offered him a thousand gifts. But Daraman was as unimpressed by the djinns' fabulous wealth as he had been unimpressed by their tortures, and he politely rejected all gifts. And when Gabel finally asked him if he did not appreciate his gifts Daraman answered "Mylord, I am an old man who has little use for pretty baubles. And truly I have never valued a thing that could be bought for gold." It was then that Gabel realised that Daraman was indeed a holy man.

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