Brown book found in Kazordoon;
Black book found in Isle of the Kings.

The Brighteyes Legend
By: Damius Weirgroth

Long ago, long before the lands of Tibia were known by this name a dwarven fellowship was founded, holding a destiny of fame, power and tragedy. These Individuals were known as the brighteye fellowship. Those who crossed them or did something to anger them never saw the light of day. It is said when enraged these dwarve's eyes grew in light that could be seen a towns distance away and they went into a bezerk frenzy killing all that opposed them. Loosing all control and compassion in that frenzy they became unbearable even to the fellowsships of the savage axes and the dragoneaters. So after great debates between the fellowships they left Kazordoon and the big old one for unknown new lands. Though some setteled at remote spots on the continent the trail of the others was lost. They are considered the lost fellowship in theese days and no britghteye was born since then in the halls of Kazordoon.

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