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The Book of Vile Evil

A vampire is an impure sinner that in life served the dark gods.
Through this connection he is infused with increasingly tainted and dark energy over the course of his existence. In life they do many damnable things for their dark gods, burdening their souls to such an extent that they will most likely rise as ghosts if the dark gods do not claim their souls.
In some cases where the soul has been claimed, the hollow spirit still captured within the dead soulless body can utilise the dark energies of the corpse and animate it.
Just as an undead being is controlled by a necromancer, the vampire is merely a shell controlled by the spirit residing within.
The spirit constantly needs to refresh the dark energy he is using up and is in dire need for a substitute for the soul. Additional special circumstances such as holy ground or sunlight amplify the rate in which the dark energies decrease. To substitute this, the vampire is forced to steal the souls of the living.
The easiest way for him to accomplish this is by stealing the blood of living humans. The blood normally contains some amount of soul energy, however, a vampire is able to force more soul energy into it's victims blood while feeding.
In his own dead shell the vampire transforms the stolen soul energy into new dark energy. This process keeps him in existence. Over the years, the entire body only consists of dark energy residue and slowly turns into a shadow with substance.
If the vampiric body is destroyed, the spirit within becomes entrapped in the remains. Helpless it is cursed to wait for enough dark energy to accumulate in order to be able to recreate the shadow body in some way. Given time and sacrifices, a vampire might slowly rise from the state of apparent destruction to once again haunt the mortals.
Another possibility is that the remains are close to some source of dark power, giving off enough pure dark energy to occasionally haunt the dreams of the living or to form a ghostly body to steal the life breath of sleepers in the vicinity of the vampires' corpse. This process might take longer but will still lead to the vampires' resurrection.
The only way to irrevocably destroy a vampire is a blessed stake. The stake will destroy the evil spirits' ties to our world and send it into hell screaming.

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