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The Bonelord Threat I
Once in the olden days, the bonelords numbered among the most powerful races of the world. Their mighty cities, which characteristically contained ominous dark pyramids, could be found all over the world. The bonelords erected them using the same innate form of telekinesis which lets their bodies float in the air. However, they could not do completely without hands and arms that did their bidding. For this reason they relied on another innate power of their race - the dark power of necromancy. Thanks to the magical abilities of their tentacles, which are capable of producing various powerful kinds of magic to an extent that is denied to other races unless they study for many decades, the bonelords also knew how to command the dead. As a result, they used a monstrous strategy: Whenever they conquered an area they turned their unfortunate victims into undead slaves. Using these undead legions as their shock troops, the bonelords went from victory to victory. They built a huge fortress that served as their power base, and from there they went to conquer the world.

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