You see The Bone Master
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Dream Realm, in the Brotherhood of Bones headquarters.


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Trade Details


Demonic Essence.gifDemonic Essence1,000 Gold
Soul Orb.gifSoul Orb25 Gold


This NPC does not sell anything.


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Player: Hi
The Bone Master: Welcome to my little realm. The brotherhood greets you!
Player: Brotherhood
The Bone Master: We're a group of powerful individuals that doesn't care for rules that others set up. We will no longer be shaped by the world around us. Instead, we will shape the world as it pleases us ...
The Bone Master: We've left behind meaningless conventions and morals, we prize only the power that we wield. We are masters of our fate and we will battle to cleanse the world.
Player: Group
The Bone Master: The Brotherhood of Bones has suffered greatly in the past, but we did survive as we always will ...
The Bone Master: You have proven resourceful by beating the silly riddles the Nightmare Knights set up to test their candidates. ...
The Bone Master: It's an amusing thought that after passing their test you might choose to join the ranks of their sworn enemies. ...
The Bone Master: For the irony of this I ask you, Player; Do you want to join the Brotherhood of Bones?
Player: Morals
The Bone Master: Morals are nothing but a handicap. A self-imposed chain that slows you down. There is no need for morals since it is you who decides and you have none but yourself to take into consideration ...
The Bone Master: Others have to take care of themselves.
Player: Goshnar
The Bone Master: Goshnar was admittedly a great leader. He gathered our forces and formed them into one powerful army. Yet he was not one of us for a long time and he had much to learn ...
The Bone Master: His greatest failure was to underestimate the power of patience. As the dead have all time in the world to realise their plans, a good member of the Brotherhood should know to take their time ...
The Bone Master: He was too impatient and struck way too early. Thus he became a pawn of the traitorous demons instead of using them as pawns on his own ...
The Bone Master: Rather than waiting for the Nightmare Knights ranks to be thinned out by the demons he exposed his forces too early so the knights could challenge them in open battle. Only the betrayal of the demons lead to his failure though ...
The Bone Master: It was only because the demons withheld their forces until it was too late that they rather than us managed to destroy the Nightmare Knights.
Player: Nightmare Knights
The Bone Master: They were a bunch of fools. Doomed to fail in their attempts to weaken the world by eliminating conflict ...
The Bone Master: They used their powers to foresee dangers and threats and in their arrogance they tried to stop these threats. By doing so, they weakened themselves in battles that were not theirs ...
The Bone Master: But they also weakened the community they claimed to protect since they prevented the weak from being rooted out and the strong to grow by the challenge ...
The Bone Master: They also hindered the powerful ones they branded as evil from achieving what was rightfully theirs.
Player: Conflict
The Bone Master: Conflict is the revitalising fire. Devouring what is weak, leaving space for what is strong. Only those who are powerful and therefore worthy are allowed to survive.
Player: Ferumbras
The Bone Master: Ferumbras is a traitor to our cause. His heritage granted him many of our secrets that no outsider was meant to know. He is the consort of demons and probably on the best way to become one of them ...
The Bone Master: He is our sworn enemy and we will make him pay for everything he has done.
Player: Necromancy
The Bone Master: Necromancy is but a tool, although I admit it's a powerful one. Not only can you overcome the limits of the flesh if the need arises, but you also inspire fear in the hearts of you enemies.
Player: Dreams
The Bone Master: Dreams are of no importance or substance. The fear of their so-called prophetic dreams lead the Nightmare Knights to pursue agendas that were not truly their own ...
The Bone Master: They imagined things and based their decisions on illusions and badly understood omens.
Player: Ruthless Seven
The Bone Master: They built their kingdom of terror with cunning and force. Among the fearless and cruel demons, they shine as an example of the most pure power ...
The Bone Master: They used us as a diversion and a tool to weaken the Nightmare Knights before launching a full scale attack on the Pits of Inferno ...
The Bone Master: I admire that move but we cannot tolerate to be used by anyone and they will have to pay for what they have done ...
The Bone Master: We nearly were annihilated in the war with the Nightmare Knights, but in the end the most shrewd and powerful of us survived ...
The Bone Master: The Ruthless Seven have bred us into something even more dangerous and powerful. They will feel our wrath and then it will be us who make them suffer!
Player: Pits of Inferno
The Bone Master: The Nightmare Knights conquered and held this place of power for a while. Foolishly they sealed its power as good as they could instead of using it ...
The Bone Master: In the end, this led to their downfall. Let this serve as an example that those who foolishly deny power when it is presented to them are damned to fail and suffer.
Player: Undead
The Bone Master: Death is our enemy, death is our weapon. Undeath not only overcomes death but allows you to turn your fallen enemies into weapons. Undead come in different shapes and sizes but all will do your bidding, as long as your willpower is strong enough.
Player: Death
The Bone Master: Death is our greatest enemy. Ultimately everything you have achieved will become meaningless in the face of death. So death is the ultimate enemy we must overcome ...
The Bone Master: Turning this enemy into your weapon is the ultimate victory. Although undeath is not an ultimately preferable state, it is a victory over death.

The Bone Master