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Still the blood grail eludes me. I know it's there. Somewhere. In the darkest nights I can hear it calling. Yet I fear I have sacrificed too much of my humanity to truly connect to its call and read its meaning. But that is only a temporary hindrance. In the end, it will be my power that controls the grail and bends it to my will! I wonder if I should put more effort into reviving that blood lord. I still think it's possible, but given what little information we have we can't be sure what it truly is, and if we can bind it to our cause. Then again, a puppet blood lord might be just what I need to find the grail. It certainly shares strong connections with this artefact. Yet I wonder who was the master, and who the tool. The others seem to think I'm only on a mission to recruit another legionnaire, and are oblivious to the existence of the grail - for now. As soon as the word spreads, they will come for its power. I cannot allow any of them to best me in this bid for power. The grail might increase my status in the legion tenfold. I might be called to serve under the master himself. Yet, what if the power of the grail is great enough to rival that of the master? Will he allow me to keep it? Hardly. Thinking of it, he might even bestow it on one of his champions. That I cannot allow to happen. I must acquire the grail, bend its power under my will and confront my peers and superiors from a position of power! The grail has ever been a source of corruption. And all that while remaining hidden and unused. What power will it have if used directly? Kingdoms may crumble under my will. I can subvert them from within. And the power over blood - I'm sure the grail was used by the blood lord to create his minions. If I had such a tool I reckon it could elevate me over some of the most powerful monster makers of the legion.But I have to be careful. The legion is not to be underestimated. They are not such fools as the Brotherhood of Bones was. To think I once associated with them is deeply embarrassing in hindsight. It is a good thing I cut off all connections before their demise. However, the legion is a completely different beast; and the master, well, as shrouded in mystery as he is, to hold such a diverse group of powerful individuals together and bind them to a cause shows how much power he commands. Though perhaps it might be possible to challenge him with the power of the grail - but on the other hand, it may be wise to take the grail into hiding and study it thoroughly before making my move. I'd better make my decision once I have the grail in my hands and can assess its power somehow. For now, I have to focus on my current task and play along with the legion.

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